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  • Baruto

    » Baruto

    Fight the monsters as you punch, throw Chinese stars, and vanish. Includes power attack!

  • Devils and Cupid

    » Devils and Cupid

    The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their pit. You have to clear 10 levels to escape.

  • Project Validus

    » Project Validus

    Very cool flash game where you go Zombie Hunting! You have the choice to go in a park or in the city streets. map is not the huge but the game is cool to play. You have a good choice of weapons. One advice, carefull on the map`s corners .. zombies can sho

  • Sumo Snowman

    » Sumo Snowman

    Being a Snowman isn`t all about games, birthdays and magical top hats. Sometimes, it`s about growing big enough to consume SnowBullies and adding their mass to your own. Can you become the biggest Sumo Snowman on the block?

  • Defend Your Castle

    » Defend Your Castle

    Defend your castle from the stick figures!

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  • South Park Major Boobage: K-Type

    » South Park Major Boobage: K-Type

    Cat pee is not a toy, mmkay? Having said that, indulge your cheesy fantasies by playing as Kenny in the K-Type. And follow the orders of Major Boobage!

  • Jack The Fugitive

    » Jack The Fugitive

    Escape from prison and shoot cops. Go for headshots to take them out fast. Bunch of different levels.

  • Elite Forces - Pakistan

    » Elite Forces - Pakistan

    Hide, shoot, and upgrade as you defeat the enemies on each new level.

  • Fear Unlimited

    » Fear Unlimited

    Rebel against the undead!

  • Zombie Typocalypse

    » Zombie Typocalypse

    Why do these Zombies keep attacking the Earth? And why do you have such bad aim? Good thing the Zombies are blathering on about stupid things - you should use that, and your supreme typing skills, to target `em!

  • Boom Box Blue!

    » Boom Box Blue!

    A unique physics game! This is what you get when you combine Physics with Tetris, and add some Bombs to the mix!

  • I Will Survive

    » I Will Survive

    Here you will be in command of the Thanagar city and you will have to be prepared for the war. Build barracks for your soldiers, increase your economic and military power and you will be able to exterminate the enemy city.

  • It's a Knockout

    » It's a Knockout

    A single player boxing game with multiple opponents.

  • Bots Zapper

    » Bots Zapper

    Shoot the robots as they fly around on your screen. Careful not to let them shoot you first!

  • Play Reventure

    » Play Reventure

    Help Rieland, the young warrior take revenge for all the doings of the cruel tyrant.

  • Mixed Heroes Xmen

    » Mixed Heroes Xmen

    The Xmen have been send to an importan mission, stoping the prison break that has occur in the 5 more important prisson. Control up to 4 different X-men Travel to 5 different prisons and stop the escape and their 5 bosses.

  • College U-Fighting Game

    » College U-Fighting Game

    College University fighting extravaganza!

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