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  • Zoe Face Salon

    » Zoe Face Salon

    Zoe and her Husband were on a vacation on an island. While they were exploring and enjoying their vacation, they get stuck up in a cave unfortunately. It takes a few years for them to find the way and return to the mainland.

  • Mars escape

    » Mars escape

    Scientists have long guess about the possibility of life on Mars due to the planet`s nearness and likeness to Earth. Thus a team of scientists have gone there for a research but unfortunately they were not able to return to earth as they donít have adequ

  • Stuffed cabbage

    » Stuffed cabbage

    A stuffed cabbage is a dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a variety of fillings. sounds yummy. Thus we are here with a game, where you can learn the recipe and enjoy playing this game only at

  • music room decor

    » music room decor

    music room decor

  • Zoe`s Wedding Slacking

    » Zoe`s Wedding Slacking

    Today is the Zoe`s wedding day. She seems very pretty and gorgeous. But here Zoe wants to make this day memorable, so she tries to do slacking until everyone arrives. Your task is to help Zoe not to get caught by her fiance in this special moment

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