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  • Block-Stock

    » Block-Stock

    click groups of minimum 3 blocks of the same color to erase them. The more blocks you erase, the more points you get. Use weapon in the top left corner in order to erase single block.

  • Starcraft FA 3

    » Starcraft FA 3

    A great flash version of the Starcraft game with 9 unit types and 16 enemies. Requires a lot of strategic planning.

  • Pepe pillz

    » Pepe pillz

    Mr. Hebert Pepe doesn`t want to take his pills and doesn`t really like the care taker very much! Help him evade her and avoid obstacles in your way. Game controls: Left click the mouse once to jump, twice to double jump and spacebar to slide.

  • GuitarMan

    » GuitarMan

    Fly on your guitar through the skies shooting enemies with your mouth!

  • Elder

    » Elder

    A game of Frogger remixed and with a time limit.

  • Play Super Sonic

    » Play Super Sonic

    Play Sonic the Hedgehog in this fast pace gold coin collecting game

  • Mass Mayhem 2

    » Mass Mayhem 2

    Mass Mayhem 2 Back for more mayhem! This week we decided to bring back our violent little game; Massive Mayhem 2, but this time we are making the violence righteous! You will now get to play as a war hero who will stop at nothing to destroy the evil of hu

  • Ball Rotation

    » Ball Rotation

    Rotate balls to to score by connecting 3 or more balls before the time runs out!

  • Apple Girl

    » Apple Girl

    Press the corresponding letter according to the fruit color! Throw to the bid the different colored fruits and bombs!

  • Mordor Mountain Madness

    » Mordor Mountain Madness

    Try to avoid the falling rocks and duck under your cape for cover, but beware of the dragon rocks.

  • Pepe Pillz 2

    » Pepe Pillz 2

    New hilarious game sequel from your Canadian friends! If you remember our funny game Pepe Pillz featuring an irritated old man who doesn’t want to take his pills, you will be in for a treat! The very same angry old man is back and this time he is angrier

  • Easter Goal

    » Easter Goal

    The goal of the game is to hit the Easter Bunny Board with the easter egg.

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