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  • Battlestar Ace

    » Battlestar Ace

    The galaxy is under attack from the evil forces of zanltra. Starship ace is the guardian of the galaxy. Collect bonus pack to upgrade weapon mode. Each time you are hit will degrade the weapon mode.

  • Body Ladder

    » Body Ladder

    Ever had the idea to build up a ladder with some bodies? Hum ... me neither but here`s a game where you can try it out! Fantastic flash programmation behind this. Really fluid and cool game to play! If you have some frustration, it should quickly go away!

  • Mmeoww!

    » Mmeoww!

    Help save the cats falling from the sky.

  • Thug For Life

    » Thug For Life

    Take on some big bad thugs by punching the crap out of them. Watch out for their punches!

  • Uchuwars

    » Uchuwars

    Another top-down spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse and take out those bosses too!

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  • Snow Rider Academy

    » Snow Rider Academy

    Go downhill and escape the scary yeti.

  • Global Guru

    » Global Guru

    Global Guru tests your international business knowledge while you travel the world making business deals. Earn money by answering the questions as quickly as possible and build your assets to invest in other countries!

  • Running Man Psy Gangnam

    » Running Man Psy Gangnam

    Imagine if Psy from Gangnam Style have contribute in Running Man event! here its the answer

  • Mazinger Z

    » Mazinger Z

    Help our super mecha beat this evil robot.

  • Mandy in Pervert Grandpa Attack

    » Mandy in Pervert Grandpa Attack

    Shoot down the descending balloons to stop the naughty Grandpas reaching you.

  • Turbo Motorbike Ride

    » Turbo Motorbike Ride

    Drive your turbo motorbike without hitting obstacles to reach the target and move to the next level. Keep an eye on your bike`s health. Are you ready for the challenging ride? Lets Go!

  • Xantsu: The Awakening

    » Xantsu: The Awakening

    A nice sidescrolling shooter with guns and swords. Take down those nasty pumpkins!

  • The Bank Robber

    » The Bank Robber

    Your mission is to rob the bank as quickly as possible. Hire the necessary men, purchase the correct items to unlock doors and plan carefully your entry or else you`ll be headed for the jail. Just avoid the lasers, the alarms and the guards and you will b

  • Beat Up Trump

    » Beat Up Trump

    It`s just a joke. Nobody gets hurt in this game, except maybe Trump`s hair?

  • Play 3 Foot Ninja 2

    » Play 3 Foot Ninja 2

    The small guy is back again

  • Brainz

    » Brainz

    Shoot the zombies as they come after you and as you earn enough to get better weapons.

  • UFO Wars

    » UFO Wars

    UFO Wars is a real time strategy - action game where you have to capture all enemy`s planets. 20 levels of strategy and action, have fun :) Game Controls on : Hold mouse to shoot W,A,S,D keys to move Q to load units E to unload units M

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