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  • The Bank of Jasper

    » The Bank of Jasper

    The town bank is being robbed. Shoot the robbers before they shoot you.

  • Santa`s Apprentice

    » Santa`s Apprentice

    Are you a good Santa? Find out in this game. Deliver giftes to the god kids, the bad, or both. Controls: Use your mouse to move your Santa sidewayes. Hit the houses to keep jumping!

  • Gunslingers Gold

    » Gunslingers Gold

    Play as Joe Southwood the bounty hunter, Use explosives and a variety of weapons to kill the enemy before they kill you. While the enemies cone of view is green they don`t know you`re around, but when its red either stand and fight or run for your life!

  • Catacombs 2

    » Catacombs 2

    You have just found an ancient Egyptian amphora, but the adventures is only beginning...

  • Mantras Trigger

    » Mantras Trigger

    Go after the baddies that overtook and destroyed you town and shoot them with your weapons.

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  • Jewel Thief

    » Jewel Thief

    Steal the gems!

  • Rage 3

    » Rage 3

    Get keys to unlock doors. New Level Up system - every time you level up you are granted a new power.

  • Defender

    » Defender

    Defender is a game of tactics, strategy and decision-making. Each level is consist of waves of enemies wherein you must prevent them from reaching the exit points. Each enemy kill is rewarded with points to purchase your defenders to be placed on pavement

  • Whack a Boss

    » Whack a Boss

    Whack your boss`s head as many and fast as you can!

  • Dark Waters

    » Dark Waters

    How tough are you?

  • Smiley Gone Mad

    » Smiley Gone Mad

    Try to survive for as long as you can, surrounded by numerous enemies, like zombies, penguins armed with chainsaw and other creepy enemies.

  • I`m Down

    » I`m Down

    Title: Im Down Short Description: Throw yourself down and try to avoid the obstacles, while collecting money. Hilarious and addicting! Long Description: Throw yourself down and try to avoid the obstacles, while collecting money. Use your collected cash to

  • Faith Fighter

    » Faith Fighter

    Choose your belief and kick some ass in the world`s greatest immortal combat.

  • Play 2D Army Swat

    » Play 2D Army Swat

    shoot the drunk terrorists but watch out for them shooting back

  • Awesome Shooter Game

    » Awesome Shooter Game

    Shoot the incoming enemy circles and upgrade your turret through the shop.

  • Buoy Ahoy

    » Buoy Ahoy

  • Streaking Game

    » Streaking Game

    How long can you evade the security in the field.

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