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  • Gravity Vortex

    » Gravity Vortex

    Control gravity and move from the top to the bottom of the cavern as you fire your arm strapped gun.

  • Super Pie Delivery

    » Super Pie Delivery

    Fly around with your jetpack delivering pies. Don`t get hit by those cars.

  • Global Rescue

    » Global Rescue

    Fly your chopper through various terrains, rescue hostages and destroy the enemy tanks and bases.

  • F18 Strike Force

    » F18 Strike Force

    You are on control of a high performance F18 Hornet fighter jet. From a carrier launch you face off against a non stop barrage of enemy fighters, watch your back and dogfight your way to the top. Pick up powerups as they appear and keep a close watch on y

  • Hero on the Hudson

    » Hero on the Hudson

    We`ve eliminated most of the difficulty from this heroic landing - just keep it nice and level, so nobody gets hurt!

  • Moths

    » Moths

    Explore the machine preventing moths from getting into the gas-lamps, keep the fire burning.

  • Bug Shooter

    » Bug Shooter

    Shoot as many bugs as you can! You have 40 bullets to do that and 60 seconds till time`s up!

  • Turkey Fling

    » Turkey Fling

    Fling the turkey as far as you can.

  • Paper Airplane

    » Paper Airplane

    Fly a paper plane through the different rooms using the vents that blow hot air, without crashing into the obstacles!

  • Border Blast

    » Border Blast

    See if you can help this guy get the best job!

  • Go Green Go

    » Go Green Go

    Land the UFO accurately on the destination platform.

  • Mr. Penguin

    » Mr. Penguin

    Guide the penguin holding UP key to elevate. Collect the fuel item to recharge the fuel tank. Avoid all ice blocks on your way to the exit.

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