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    you control a robot and have to put the ball in the whole. The theory is easy but the practice gets more complicate as you advance in the game. Control the physics and the ball while trying to get 3 starts in all wholes.

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  • House Bound: Genie in the House

    » House Bound: Genie in the House

    Use cursor keys to walk around. Avoid touching anything that moves. Pick up any items that you can find to score points. Collect the six pieces of each chore, then return to the lounge to complete your task.

  • Ask the Spirits 2

    » Ask the Spirits 2

    Ask the spirits your questions but be careful not to upset them!

  • Astrokid

    » Astrokid

    Solve all the levels and try to guide astro kid to the exit teleporter to clear each level.

  • Carrot Hunter

    » Carrot Hunter

    Grab as many carrots as possible while jumping over the monsters. Can you complete the level?

  • Maggie's Germy Roundup

    » Maggie's Germy Roundup

    Maggie has been sent on a slimey mission - to round up all the germs, running loose in her neighborhood. All you need to do is help her lasso them in. Collect the lightening and shield bonuses. Stay away from the flying bugs!

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  • Star Kill

    » Star Kill

    Explore the star world collecting blue crystals as a snail, burying the enemy stars in the ground!

  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

    » The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

    Follow Sherlock further into his investigation of Dr. Carstairs and the mummy Anan-thotep. Search the location for the items listed on the left, clicking on any you find. Click on the magnifying glass for a closer look, and on the pipe for a hint. You hav

  • Case of Crabs

    » Case of Crabs

    Flash mystery game!

  • The Great Escape

    » The Great Escape

    Help Bo, a friendly cow, to escape from the farm and make it to the great fair in the city, without getting caught.

  • Supertank

    » Supertank

    You will have to destroy the army of your enemy by your own. Search on each level the device that allows you to attack them because your tank can`t do it by it`s own. Move with the arrow keys.

  • Rollercoaster Rush

    » Rollercoaster Rush

    15 levels of controlling a rollercoaster. Don`t go to fast or they fly off the track!

  • Covert Front

    » Covert Front

    You are a top secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history version of World War I.

  • Rick Dangerous

    » Rick Dangerous

    Guide the hero in various missions from the Amazon to a futuristic missile base, avoiding the enemies and other threats.

  • Haunted House Massacre

    » Haunted House Massacre

    Explore the creepy house as you look for your friend. Find her before the demon gets her.

  • Sam`s Turkey Fly

    » Sam`s Turkey Fly

    Sam has participated in the competition where he has to collect the fruits and vegetables with his turkey. But, he is scared by the obstacles on his way. Help him to collect all the items and make him happy.

  • Donkey Kong

    » Donkey Kong

    Another addictive game from the 80`s. The perfect Donkey Kong remake and its digitally remastered for online play.

  • Play MegaMan Project X

    » Play MegaMan Project X

    Play this all time classic from Capcom

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