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    During a sunny Summer picnic, Mario and Luigi remembered fondly the good old days, soaring through the skies of Donut Plains. Reminiscing turned to daydreams, and the brothers soon drifted off to sleep. Deep in slumber, they shared a fantastic dream, flying peacefully above the clouds. But this dream turned dire, as suddenly the sky filled with Bullet Bills, Bonzai Bills, Bob-ombs, Bowser and more. Save the pair from this nightmare by gliding safely through the dangers as far as possible.

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  • Monkeys

    » Monkeys

    Drive your combat vehicle around and find the pieces of your Fist Rocket confronting the enemy guards.

  • Chucky Egg

    » Chucky Egg

    Collect all the eggs, but avoid the ducks in this addictive platform game.

  • The Temple of the Serpent

    » The Temple of the Serpent

    Houdini: Master of the Extraordinary portrays the master magician`s spectacular world tour of 1924. The Twins Blavatsky and their Seven Fold Soul will stop at nothing to kill Houdini during his travels. They have called upon a variety of deadly allies who

  • Super Mario Flash Halloween Version

    » Super Mario Flash Halloween Version

    Play the Mario game with a slight Halloween theme for the upcoming holiday. Crush those baddies.

  • Nebulus

    » Nebulus

    Nebulus is a run and jump puzzle game except from a unique perspective. Instead of viewing a side scroller you view a tower from the side. You move your character around the tower and work your way up to the top past traps to finish the level.

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