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  • Desert Defence 2

    » Desert Defence 2

    Get ready to hold the enemy attacks with your last but powerfull turret. Get robots to help you, or set mines before enemies arrive, you chosee your strategy.Campagin Mode and Hardcore Mode.Tons of upgrades, throphies and enemies to unlock.

  • Trash Attack

    » Trash Attack

    Defend yourself from the attacking trash.

  • R Type

    » R Type

    Fly and shoot all enemies along the way.

  • Diablo

    » Diablo

    Move around in the world of Diablo and grab potions and kill the hellish demons.

  • Play Kumite

    » Play Kumite

    1-Player fighting game

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  • Battle Mechs

    » Battle Mechs

    Pit your mech against the enemy in this turn based mech fighting game. Upgrade mech points.

  • Operation ZERO: Out-Mandy'd

    » Operation ZERO: Out-Mandy'd

    Help Mandy fight her way through the KND moon base. Use the stun gun to slow down the senior citizombies and throw age-atonic grenades to turn them into operatives. Stay sharp! Operative can be re-zombified by other senior citizombies.

  • Super Bug Hunt

    » Super Bug Hunt

    Manic little point and click shooting game where you must take out as many bugs as possible within the time limit. Game instructions on : Simply use your mouse to move or aim and fire with the left mouse button. Shoot anything that moves, c

  • Kids Next Door

    » Kids Next Door

    You must build the power core to prepare for attack against D.C.F.D.T.L. Locate the SPLANKER (Solid Loaded Artillery Nicely Kick Enemy Rear) to break the glass around levers and for your final battle against toilenator.

  • Backyard Buzzing

    » Backyard Buzzing

    Backyards Buzzing is an advanced flash strategy game where you have to command your own insect army to victory. Build factories, turrets and insect units, and take over the backyard with your little army.

  • Contra World Challenge

    » Contra World Challenge

    Classic game of Contra. Compare your time to others.

  • Play Kill the Boss

    » Play Kill the Boss

    This is a simple stick-man fighting game

  • Lethal RPG Destiny

    » Lethal RPG Destiny

    Customize your character and fight it out in this RPG game.

  • Clash of the Star Fighter

    » Clash of the Star Fighter

    Play against computer or play, upgrade weapons, speed and battle using lasers with your ship.

  • Dracojan Skies - Mission 4

    » Dracojan Skies - Mission 4

    Another threat has come to your planet! Pilot your ship and prepare to defend your planet

  • Bounce Crusher

    » Bounce Crusher

    Taking the concept of the Bit Crusher series and mixing in bounce physics, destructible platforms and DS-style controls, Bounce Crusher is a fun game for fans of games like Worms and Lemmings. The Bits are a race of creatures with villages built undergrou

  • Thing Thing

    » Thing Thing

    Kill your enemies!

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