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    Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire expanded their territory and destryed all the villages of doven Most of the Doven kingdom army was killedand the king of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark forest, powerless and witho

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  • Ammo Chase

    » Ammo Chase

    Shoot everything on the track to keep moving forwards.

  • 20000 Feet And Falling

    » 20000 Feet And Falling

    Challenge the dare devil in you. Jump in to the extreme sport of Sky Diving.

  • Abe Droid Zone

    » Abe Droid Zone

    The droid last resistance. Equip all your arsenal and clear those enemies that block your way to the gateway. And remember, don`t lose your time to much, and equip your most powerfull weapon or you`ll die. w/up arrow = up a/left arrow = left d/right arr

  • Alien Invasion

    » Alien Invasion

    Try to shoot the invading aliens before they land!

  • Pyro

    » Pyro

    Launch the fireball just right so that it ignites all the torches on each new puzzle.

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  • Play Turtle Bridge

    » Play Turtle Bridge

    Hop over the turtles to build a bridge.

  • Wolverine MRD Escape

    » Wolverine MRD Escape

    Wolverine must escape from the M.R.D using nitrous explosion as his covers. Try make it out without being detected by avoiding the cameras and taking out the robot guards.

  • Tommy Gun

    » Tommy Gun

    Survive the streets filled with mobs!

  • Mantis Attack: Sea Defense

    » Mantis Attack: Sea Defense

    Guide You Mantis Through Mined Waters And Attack The Incoming Enemy .

  • Baruto

    » Baruto

    Fight the monsters as you punch, throw Chinese stars, and vanish. Includes power attack!

  • Gangster Bros

    » Gangster Bros

    Gangster Bros is another funny Mario game.

  • Urban Champion Remake

    » Urban Champion Remake

    Some concept of the game was based on the famous game - Urban champion. Your goal is to beat your opponent by pushing him into the hole.

  • Mixed Heroes - Avengers

    » Mixed Heroes - Avengers

    Captain America is trying to hold all prisoners that have escaped. With the help of the avengers you have to travel to 5 different prisons and stop the escape and their 5 bosses.

  • The Alien Attack

    » The Alien Attack

    This flash game will let you play 10+ levels of online platform fun. The objective is to defeat the gray alien queen deeply hidden inside their spaceship.

  • PARG

    » PARG

    The city security systems have been breached and the robots have escaped and are trying to attack the city and it is up to you to shoot them down before they destroy the city, good luck in this well animated and fun PARG game.

  • Play Lucky Balls

    » Play Lucky Balls

    Shoot the balls to form packs of 3 or more.

  • Hair Smash

    » Hair Smash

    Attack those hair follicles as they jump around. Don`t let any escape from your attacks!

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