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  • Ultimate Flash Sonic

    » Ultimate Flash Sonic

    A flash clone of the highly popular Sonic game.

  • Defcon Minus

    » Defcon Minus

    Defcon minus is a simple but addictive shoot em up game where you have to defend the planet from incoming bombs and enemies. Pickup special power-ups to gain more firepower.

  • ThermoStorm

    » ThermoStorm

    A sidescroller with a small jetpack guy with a gun. Plenty of room to explore and see what`s coming.

  • Play Madness Interactive

    » Play Madness Interactive

    You must save the world jump use bullet time pick up new weapons stronger pistols machine guns rocket launchers grenade launchers and more.

  • Sewer Fever

    » Sewer Fever

    The evil Han has locked up tanner`s kung fu companions behind reinforced doors in the sewer. Help him avoid the hidden henchman and destroy all the metal doors with his staff, in order to free his friends.

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  • Chaos War

    » Chaos War

    The stick figures with guns . Level up your character by killing more enemies.

  • Play The Arena

    » Play The Arena

    This is a one on one fighting game. Attack your enemy when you see his weapon back.

  • Play Starship 11

    » Play Starship 11

    Shoot `em down ... fly away!

  • Knights of Rock

    » Knights of Rock

    Hit the correct arrow key as it goes in the marker. Much like the Dance Revolution game, only he will fight to your right hits of the arrow keys. Good luck and enjoy!

  • Chernobil Rabbits

    » Chernobil Rabbits

    The Goal - destroy as much as possible rabbits-mutants.

  • Celebrity Smackdown 3

    » Celebrity Smackdown 3

    What do Michael Jackson, The Rock, and Nicole Richie have in common? Theyâââ‰â¢d all sue us if we said this was actually them. It`s not. It`s totally unrelated computer characters.

  • Motorbike Madness

    » Motorbike Madness

    Can you ride your bike on the hill without getting any accidents.

  • Storm The House 2

    » Storm The House 2

    Protect your house by shooting attackers, hiring gunman, hiring craftsman, and fortifying.

  • Michael Vick Dog Fight Game

    » Michael Vick Dog Fight Game

    Vick tries to hide his dogs from the police. The dogs try to taste his delicious flesh. My money`s on the dogs.

  • 99 All the Blacks

    » 99 All the Blacks

    Lions are visiting New zealand to face the Blacks.

  • Unholy Island

    » Unholy Island

    Defend your island against other pirates who are trying to invade your turf.

  • Gladiator Arena

    » Gladiator Arena

    You have been selected to enter the Gladiator Arena where you must fight your way through 10 battles and gain your freedom! Defeat your foe before the timer runs out! The enemies get tougher and will show no mercy! Watch out for the mines and grab the pow

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