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  • Crossfire

    » Crossfire

  • Dinosaur Killer 3D

    » Dinosaur Killer 3D

    shoot em up game where the mission is to survive from the waves of blood thirsty Dinosaurs. Fend them all off or you`re dino-food.

  • 9 to 5

    » 9 to 5

    your pesky bosses and PA`s have plan to give an overtime. Throw crumpled paper to drove them away.

  • The Bigfoot Project

    » The Bigfoot Project

    Bigfoot`s had enough of his redneck neighbours shooting all his woodland mates. Your task in this fun shooter is to help him whoop some hillbilly ass and abacus wielding auditors whilst avoiding hurting any of his forest buddies. Aim for the head to deal

  • Terrorist Hunt v1.0

    » Terrorist Hunt v1.0

    ll all terrorists as they pop up.

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  • S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper

    » S.W.A.T 2 - Tactical Sniper

    As a tactical sniper pro you have to accomplish widely differing missions in the shooter game SWAT 2 and reading the briefings is unavoidable this time!

  • Alien Hominid

    » Alien Hominid

    This great game went from an online flash game in 2002 to a full console game in 2004, it was released on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. The Alien Hominid has crash landed on Earth and needs to get his spacecraft back from the FBI.Hints, tips, chea

  • Hover Tanks 2

    » Hover Tanks 2

    Drive your tank and shoot down enemy tanks. Purchase and upgrade tank to take down more enemies.

  • Metal Slug Flash

    » Metal Slug Flash

    This is an awesome `Metal Slug` clone, shooting game, where you`ve to infiltrate into the enemy territory and shoot down all the hostile guards that come along your way. Destroy the enemy tanks and choppers without getting killed.

  • The Rise Of A King

    » The Rise Of A King

    Author Comments IMPORTANT: Make sure CAPS LOCK is not on while playing this game, otherwise some buttons won`t work. It`s a flaw in the code, sorry about that... The Rise of a KING takes a turn to the role playing genre, but still retains the action fro

  • Simple Tower Defense 3

    » Simple Tower Defense 3

    50 levels of an another tower defense game. Don`t forget to setup air attacking towers.

  • Bible Bot

    » Bible Bot

    Keep the baby up in the air as long as you can by hitting it.

  • Escape From Scientology Land Part 1

    » Escape From Scientology Land Part 1

    You`ve been kidnapped by the Scientoligists. You now have to escape from their domain.

  • Wrath II

    » Wrath II

    Mankind has run amok, and it`s up to you to set them straight!

  • Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

    » Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

    Here comes the second part of the action turret defense game. Shoot the approaching enemies and benefit from the billard effect.

  • Crusade of Undead

    » Crusade of Undead

    Summon your army of the undead onto the path surrounded by powerful towers, volcanoes and obstacles.

  • Xevoz Showdown

    » Xevoz Showdown

    Kill all the beasts!

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