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  • Armadillo Knight 2

    » Armadillo Knight 2

    New Version of Armadillo Knight

  • Spiderman - Save the Town

    » Spiderman - Save the Town

    The Green Goblin has cloned himself and is planing to attack the town.Help spiderman with his super powers to defeat the Goblin`s clones and save the town from all dangers.Defeat all the green goblins along 10 different waves. Get more points by getting

  • Midnight Massacre

    » Midnight Massacre

    Work as a struggling actor can be few and far between these days, so you`ve got to take every opportunity you can really. You turn up at the offices of a B-movie production company for a role in new horror-flick `Midnight Massacre` but all is not what it

  • Spell Racer

    » Spell Racer

    Collect charms and potions. Take a miss on the ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and other creep crawlies!

  • Dark Cut 2

    » Dark Cut 2

    Find out if you have talents to become a surgeon or perhaps holistic healing is more your thing.

  • Climate Revenge

    » Climate Revenge

    Smash buildings! Fling trucks! Dampen spirits! When peoples start Global Warming, Mr. Climate strikes back!

  • Super Soldier

    » Super Soldier

    You`re the Super Soldier. Fight for peace.

  • Deadly Race

    » Deadly Race

    Race down the street knocking cars over and blowing them up, and shooting them with rockets.

  • Play Wacky Word Search

    » Play Wacky Word Search

    Can you do this wacky word search?

  • Armadillo Knight 3

    » Armadillo Knight 3

    Sequel of the adventure of Armadillo Knight! With new character added!

  • Ancient Battle

    » Ancient Battle

    Shoot down missle launching robots and figure a way through puzzles in this sidescroller.

  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm

    » Power Rangers Ninja Storm

    Put your Ranger skills to work - jump, climb, and run to take the Red Power Ranger through the obstacles and achieve your goals.

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