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  • Jumping Bubble.

    » Jumping Bubble.

    Make Pipi soar up into the sky.

  • Wzium

    » Wzium

    Control the seed as you fly through the straw. Dodge all the barricades and make it through holes.

  • Dragon Rider

    » Dragon Rider

    Ride your dragon in the great shoot`em up game `Dragon Rider`, collect coins and stuff, change the weapons and use them to kill enemies and big bosses.

  • Air Fox

    » Air Fox

    It is year 2215, the earth is flooded due to the melting polar ice. You are an Air-fox pilot on a mission to protect the floating cities from the enemies.

  • Ice Age - Bubble Trouble

    » Ice Age - Bubble Trouble

    Play Ice Age Bubble Trouble game and help Scrat get out of the bottomless ravine by floating to the top, watch out for sharp rock surfaces and avoid other prehistoric creatures. Play as scrat or his girlfriend scratte.

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  • Pelican Lost

    » Pelican Lost

    Fly your pelican through the city while avoiding other birds, planes, helicopters and crap on cars.

  • Stoneage Blast

    » Stoneage Blast

    An action packed side scrolling shooter with 5 intense stages complete with unique boss characters, power-ups and special attack. An action packed side scrolling shooter with 5 intense stages complete with unique boss characters, power-ups and special att

  • Mili And Tary Copter

    » Mili And Tary Copter

    Try to make the helicopter reach the other side of the level by avoiding the many walls and bombs. Keep pressing the mouse button to keep the helicopter flying.

  • Moths

    » Moths

    Explore the machine preventing moths from getting into the gas-lamps, keep the fire burning.

  • White Angel

    » White Angel

    Help our angel in flying through the vines and avoid getting her tangle with it.

  • Air Dodge

    » Air Dodge

    Fly a jet, but with a twist. Dodge oncoming obstacles in the air without crashing your jet.

  • Turanium

    » Turanium

    Your mission, as a turanium space trooper, is to rid the surrounding areas of evil organism. To accomplish your mission, you must destroy wave after wave enemies. Once you have cleared everything from the screen, the level is complete.

  • Sky Marauder

    » Sky Marauder

    Shoot all enemies and collect cash.

  • Flying Egg

    » Flying Egg

    Stay away from the flies and collect the flowers.

  • Mr. Penguin

    » Mr. Penguin

    Guide the penguin holding UP key to elevate. Collect the fuel item to recharge the fuel tank. Avoid all ice blocks on your way to the exit.

  • Bird Flight

    » Bird Flight

    Your mission is to gather the lost chicks by following the migrating birds and get them home safely.

  • Mars Expedition

    » Mars Expedition

    The life on Mars has been spotted and your mission is to pick up the little pink beings.

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