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    Shoot everything that moves but beware! Aliens split in two several times before they die. Sometimes there will be a bonus falling after you kill an alien.

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  • Play 2D Knock Out

    » Play 2D Knock Out

    Control the mouse to punch your enemy.

  • Tank Wars RTS

    » Tank Wars RTS

    Strategy game with many aspects to playing and destroying your enemies. Takes time to master.

  • Jedi vs. Jedi: Blades of Light

    » Jedi vs. Jedi: Blades of Light

    Fight as Obi Wan or Anakin Skywalker and use Jedi powers and saber skills to take out your opponent.

  • Play Hacker

    » Play Hacker

    Steal all the diskette without detection by the guard

  • Avo-De

    » Avo-De

    A futuristic and high detailed shoot em up robot game with over 300 waves spread over 10 different arenas. Update your primary and seconday weapons. Also try the unlimited arena mode, where the pressure and weapons will be unlocked and boosted to the max!

  • Prison Break - Breakout

    » Prison Break - Breakout

    Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to knock them out. But be careful, they`ll hear you if you run. Avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows.

  • Dum Dum and the Iron Golem

    » Dum Dum and the Iron Golem

    He may not be the smartest hero. But his enemies aren`t so bright either. Another bloody epic from the peeps who brought you Bowja.

  • Dragon Tower

    » Dragon Tower

    One magic warrior must fight the demons to unlock the treasure of hope. Pick up dropped demons to help you.

  • Hapland

    » Hapland

    Try to light the two torches and open portal.

  • Kung-Fu Fighting

    » Kung-Fu Fighting

    KungFu Fighting is a original fighting flash game.

  • Desert Defence 2

    » Desert Defence 2

    Get ready to hold the enemy attacks with your last but powerfull turret. Get robots to help you, or set mines before enemies arrive, you chosee your strategy.Campagin Mode and Hardcore Mode.Tons of upgrades, throphies and enemies to unlock.

  • LUV Tank

    » LUV Tank

    This vertical scrolling shooter is inspired by the classic Gun.Smoke game, released by Capcom in 1985.

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