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  • Bloody Rage

    » Bloody Rage

    Get yourself into a rage!

  • Play The Chainsaw

    » Play The Chainsaw

    Wear a skeleton mask and go around chainsaw the worker

  • Crush Pumpkins Before Xmas

    » Crush Pumpkins Before Xmas

    Crush Pumpkins Before Xmas is an action, shooting and avoider game hybrid. You control skull that need to achieve different goals on each level. You must kill, eat or protect and finished the last boss which in the end you must defeat before christmas arr

  • Brothers In Arms

    » Brothers In Arms

    Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of `em before they even got you! Good luck!

  • Retron

    » Retron

    Shoot all the neon colored ships while the game is going some odd stop to beat you.

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  • The Robot's Way

    » The Robot's Way

    The robots defeated people. And maybe none of the people survived. But this robot is programmed to find them for peace purpose. Go through the worlds and fight with mutants and evil robots.

  • Pandemic 2

    » Pandemic 2

    Create your own disease and wipe out the population!

  • Kill Christmas

    » Kill Christmas

    A deranged clown has a grudge against Christmas...

  • Tank Patrol

    » Tank Patrol

    The objective of the game is to defend your tank and shoot all the enemies

  • Space Rowdies

    » Space Rowdies

    You`re a space dude with hover boots flying through space shooting enemy UFOs and other spaceships.

  • Hungry are the Dead

    » Hungry are the Dead

    Shoot the incoming zombies. Careful to reload quick and to upgrade through weapons shop.

  • Play Penguinoids

    » Play Penguinoids

    A bit like Breakout but with penguins. Use the seesaw to bounce the penguins against the blocks.

  • Grow Island

    » Grow Island

    Complete the game by growing each panel to its maximum potential and develop the island. Click panels in your selected order. Items you click will grow and grow each turn. They affect each other as they grow. So you have to think about the clicking order.

  • The Rise Of A King

    » The Rise Of A King

    Author Comments IMPORTANT: Make sure CAPS LOCK is not on while playing this game, otherwise some buttons won`t work. It`s a flaw in the code, sorry about that... The Rise of a KING takes a turn to the role playing genre, but still retains the action fro

  • Play Panik

    » Play Panik

    Collect all the bombs before time expires in this fast paced action game!

  • Brink of Alienation 3

    » Brink of Alienation 3

  • Play Squeaky

    » Play Squeaky

    Collect the oil and then quickly get in the UFO.

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