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  • Pico School

    » Pico School

    Watch out, Pico, the weirdo of the class has gone mad with a machine gun she is going from room to room killing everyone, it is up to you to stop her.

  • Sonic 3D Snowboarding

    » Sonic 3D Snowboarding

    Down the hill there 15 jumps. See how high you can get your run out of ramps to jump off.

  • Nanaca Crash

    » Nanaca Crash

    Choose the right angle to get hit by a bike and measure how far can you fly when get hit by a bike!

  • Cannon Commander

    » Cannon Commander

    The castle is under attack of the alien enemies. The cannon commander is the only brave man in the city to stand against them!!!

  • Play Cable Capers 2

    » Play Cable Capers 2

    Help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape from underground as quickly as possible to get into Hall of Fame

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