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  • Telepath RPG 2

    » Telepath RPG 2

    With 10 playable characters, dozens of NPCs and fun tactical battles, hundreds of lines of dialog, numerous hidden artifacts, and multiple endings, Telepath RPG Chapter 2 is one of the most ambitious single player RPGs ever made in Flash.

  • Dragon Force

    » Dragon Force

    Fly into the sky and shoot those alien scums.

  • Zombie Erik

    » Zombie Erik

    Blow away the advancing zombies.

  • Yugopotamia Mania

    » Yugopotamia Mania

    Gather the laser panels, all the coins and search for the way out. Your guns are the chocolate, cub and flowers.

  • Retron

    » Retron

    Shoot all the neon colored ships while the game is going some odd stop to beat you.

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  • Sniper Assassin 3

    » Sniper Assassin 3

    Sir Sniper has found his wife`s killer. But the story only gets more complicated. Fortunately, there`s plenty of bullets to go around!

  • Pearl Harbor 1941

    » Pearl Harbor 1941

    Shoot all incoming kamikaze pilot and protect pearl harbor.

  • Vigilante Cop

    » Vigilante Cop

    Your only mission is revenge. Your only weapon is your anger. Play Now!

  • Zowie

    » Zowie

    You are Zowie and you`re tasked is to defeat all monsters by casting spells on them twice by the use of your book

  • Invasion From Hell 2 - Fire Down Under

    » Invasion From Hell 2 - Fire Down Under

    Setup how many units you want to be in charge of resources and battling as you build structures.

  • Play Bat in Nightmare

    » Play Bat in Nightmare

  • Dust

    » Dust

    Customize your character, pick up weapons and kill the enemies before they kill you.

  • Tactical Assassin

    » Tactical Assassin

    Complete your objectives!

  • Stick Defense

    » Stick Defense

    Legions of stick men are trying to get into your town. Every day there will be a new wave, which will increase in size. Protect your defenses, if they are breached you will lose. Earn money by killing stick men, then spend it on upgrades at the end of eac

  • Collateral Damages 2

    » Collateral Damages 2

    Here comes Collateral Damages 2! This time you can choose between two different robots to raze the city to the ground! Use arrows, Z, X and spacebar.

  • StickMan Jones

    » StickMan Jones

    Play this super Stickman runner, and use all you skills and reflex to get the higher score posible, collecting the runes, running, jumping or defeating sneaks in the desert.

  • Pixel Blaster

    » Pixel Blaster

    The objective of the game is to destroy all enemy aircrafts and bosses. The game boasts some nifty features like shield activation and charged shots.

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