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  • Hello Kitty Painting

    » Hello Kitty Painting

    Color this cute picture just as you like.

  • Cuteboy land

    » Cuteboy land

    A luck girl is fortunate enough to find herself in a land filled with cute guys!

  • Daycare Nightmare

    » Daycare Nightmare

    You have to care for baby vampires, dragons and other monsters while their parents are at work. You have to pay attention to their needs. For example, you may need to change their diapers or put them in a high chair to feed them. Use the mouse to move.

  • Cars - Spot the Difference

    » Cars - Spot the Difference

    You have two pictures seemingly identical, but if you observe them carefully with your eagle eyes, you can find the differences. Get 50 points for every correct click and lose 10 points for every wrong click. You lose the game in your third wrong click. C

  • Peppy's Amy Smart Dress Up

    » Peppy's Amy Smart Dress Up

    Get our Crank star into red carpet diva mode.

  • Drinks

    » Drinks

    Make some delicious hot tea and ice tea to your customers.

  • Sew Pucca

    » Sew Pucca

    Sew a Pucca design, who may just be the funniest character on the Internet. She always has a little smile on her face!

  • Smiley Energy Balls

    » Smiley Energy Balls

    Select the Smiley balls by clicking and dragging your mouse. Make an energy ball to appear by turning all of the sphere area into pink. Longer the link, higher will be your score. Make the energy ball to reach the end, in the sphere’s path. Longer links c

  • Cookie Cutter: Twisted

    » Cookie Cutter: Twisted

    Cut the crap and cut some cookies. How fast can you make perfect shapes for these delicious delights?

  • Little Bear Dress Up

    » Little Bear Dress Up

    Play with this cuddly bear and dress him up to make him look really good.

  • Diane Lane Makeover

    » Diane Lane Makeover

    Get our hot and sexy Diane Lane all groom up.

  • Cute Kids Dress Up

    » Cute Kids Dress Up

    Dress up this 2 cute kids.

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