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  • Beadz 2:Under the Sea

    » Beadz 2:Under the Sea

    Feeling hot this summer? Start refreshing underwater adventure with free shooting game Beadz! 2: Under the Sea! Collect all the shining pearls before they hide in the shells. Remove the beads by making the groups of three or more of the same color and don

  • Crazy Monkeys

    » Crazy Monkeys

    Play with monkeys to smash coconuts for points.

  • Incredible Crash Dummies

    » Incredible Crash Dummies

    Air the right angle to smash the wall with the dummies

  • Play Speed Mania

    » Play Speed Mania

    You are driving and speeding You must avoid other cars or you will crash

  • Snow Muncher

    » Snow Muncher

    Your goal is to guide the polar bear to the bottom of each level before time runs out. Collect all good items along the way.

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  • Play Gladiator

    » Play Gladiator

    You are a slave chosen to fight in the Roman Colosseym Destroy all challengers and become the Gladiator Champion

  • Shock Balloon Bomber

    » Shock Balloon Bomber

    Drop bombs on the bad monsters with your bubble cannon using the down arrow key. to shoot a bomb on the side press the up arrow when you are facing the desired direction. Watch out for the flying monsters. Collect power ups from your friends but avoid the

  • Snake Coil

    » Snake Coil

    Throw color ball into snake and it will become a snake segment of snake and increase it`s length. If snake has 3 or more continuous same color segments they will be removed and snake`s length will be reduced. Keep removing snake segments and don`t let the

  • Flash Balls

    » Flash Balls

    A one on one fighting game between two balls! Shoot the other ball and try to crash it into the wall.

  • Play Snake Hunt

    » Play Snake Hunt

    Classic old school snake game pick up apples and make your snake grow

  • Play Zany Attack

    » Play Zany Attack

    Press left arrow to move left right arrow to move right Blast your enemies by press spacebar to fire laser Be careful of your enemies because they can fire laser too

  • Pest Attack

    » Pest Attack

    Swat those pesky rats and spiders before they bite you while moving and jumping around the house.

  • Matching Tetris

    » Matching Tetris

    Mix and match and eliminate! Don`t let them reach the top.

  • Play Air Fighting

    » Play Air Fighting

    Use the mouse to move your jet and click to fire

  • Bubblez

    » Bubblez

    You have to clean off the field by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. all explode bubbles will appear on the field time and again. so in order to clear the playing field and get to the next level, you must detonate them all.

  • Spookiz

    » Spookiz

    This is a classic tetris type of game. Just match 3 monsters every drop.

  • Devils Advocate

    » Devils Advocate

    Try to survive out in space for as long as possible and destroy your enemies as you progress further.

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