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  • Fish Tales

    » Fish Tales

    Help Sunny, a small fish to survive in the dangerous ocean by eating smaller fishes and avoiding bigger ones.

  • Play Element Saga

    » Play Element Saga

    Defeat the evil army of Komos and protect the historic land Advanced game with over 30 moves

  • Superstar Breakout

    » Superstar Breakout

    Despite the game being called Breakout, it`s not like breakout at all and is more like Bubble Bobble

  • Smudgeman

    » Smudgeman

    A nice free-style version from Pacman where you become a miniature super-hero who must collect all the labels whilst avoiding the smudge monsters.

  • DrunknPuke

    » DrunknPuke

    He lost his job, his girlfriend dumped him, and his dog fluffy was killed by the little neighbourhood brats! Things canít get any worse!! So help this poor dude drink his pain away in this hilarious game. The game features various levels of drinking that

  • Play Run Over

    » Play Run Over

    Try to run over as many people as possible

  • Cutey Cubes

    » Cutey Cubes

    Cutey Cubes is a cute and addictive block stacking puzzle game. Place blocks in rows of four or more to eliminate all the ones with eyes. Control the falling pieces with the arrow keys. Play against a friend or try to complete all the levels!

  • Tetric Pit

    » Tetric Pit

    Play a game of Tetris with people in blocks that are going to get ground up as you clear the rows.

  • Gutter Cat

    » Gutter Cat

    This is a platform game, Gutter Cat. Simply collect 20 bones before the time runs out.

  • Samba di Mausland

    » Samba di Mausland

    Click on the samba shakers before they disappear.

  • Pang Flash

    » Pang Flash

  • Tom & Jerry - Run Jerry RUNNN!

    » Tom & Jerry - Run Jerry RUNNN!

    Have ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoon?

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