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  • Slippery When Death

    » Slippery When Death

    Halloween to come and all souls break loose on hell. It`s death duty to collect all of them and put them back on hell cage after halloween. Help him out but beware as the path were slippery with blood and lot of obstacle on the way. Left Right Arrow = mo

  • Treasure Hunt Game

    » Treasure Hunt Game

    Any fan of Bejeweled will thoroughly enjoy this fun and deceptively simple game where you match treasures and then make them disappear.

  • Mario Bounce

    » Mario Bounce

    Bounce on the turtle as many times in a row as possible.

  • Nodes

    » Nodes

    Click and drag the Nodes and get the laser through all the circles.

  • Bomb Droid

    » Bomb Droid

    Blow up all your enemies and find the exit door. Another version of the Bomber Man Game but with large scrolling play fields.

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  • The Smurfs

    » The Smurfs

    Catch the falling foods before it reaches the ground!

  • Hitz! 2 Internet Community

    » Hitz! 2 Internet Community

    Discover addicting game Hitz! 2 Internet Community join and win great online competition! Play over 90 absolutely new fascinating levels designed entirely by users! Discover and collect 20 different bonuses, improve your breaking skills an

  • Play Flashblox

    » Play Flashblox

    Tetris clone

  • SkillBall

    » SkillBall

    SkillBall is a great new Arkanoid/Breakout game clone with 20 beautiful and well designed levels of increasing difficulty. As in all Breakout games the objective is to destroy and remove all bricks/pieces from the screen with a ball that is controlled wit

  • Cascade 2

    » Cascade 2

    Cascade proved so popular with you guys, we just had to make a new version!The same rules apply, click on the large areas of coloured blocks to get rid of them, and do it as quickly as you can. The difference it there`s no timer in this version. But don`t

  • Snowman Salvage

    » Snowman Salvage

    Build snowmen by dragging together lots of snow and try to keep them alive for 30 seconds to complete a level!

  • Ghetto Chase

    » Ghetto Chase

    Bad boy, Bad boy what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you!

  • Tubin On Lake Tyler

    » Tubin On Lake Tyler

    Its time to lookout for Stars in Texas, the Lone Star State. Go tubing on the lake Tyler and collect stars.

  • Koko Crazy Chicken

    » Koko Crazy Chicken

    Try to catch as much eggs as you can!

  • Play The Fisher

    » Play The Fisher

    Catch as many fish as possible before time tun out Sell the fish for powerup items

  • Sled Game

    » Sled Game

    Control the sled and manuver down the hill!

  • Megatris

    » Megatris

    Direct the falling bricks. Try to get as many points as you can.

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