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  • Splatman Mini

    » Splatman Mini

    Eat all the dots in your way and clear stage after stage. Watch out and avoid the evil ghost! The super-dots will increase your power. collect fruits to earn extra points.

  • Play War On Spam

    » Play War On Spam

    Wait for the announcers call and throw your anti spam disks at the evil intruder

  • Play Clowns

    » Play Clowns

    Your job is to impress the crowd as much as your can with your clown skills and grab all the balloons.

  • 360 Breakout

    » 360 Breakout

    A 3D pong style game, but instead of being in a box its more like a circle. Kind a hard to get use to but not a bad game!

  • Missing in Action

    » Missing in Action

    Fly your zeppelin and throw down the rope to rescue as many soldiers as possible.

  • Oozing Forever

    » Oozing Forever

    Bounce, bash, and ooze your way to freedom... while getting a little revenge on the side.

  • Play Magic Eggs

    » Play Magic Eggs

    Arkanoid clone with Pikachu theme

  • Sprint Hunter

    » Sprint Hunter

    A high speed hunting challenge. Check your hunting skills as a Cheetah and try to hunt down the Gazelle.

  • Spyke

    » Spyke

    Collect the stars and avoid the spikes to win the game.

  • Chiko Man

    » Chiko Man

    Eat all the peas on the level. Avoid the ugly bag hags. Eat the Chiko rolls to get Chiko power and chase the chicks when you have Chiko power. Complete the three leves of fun.

  • Play Fruity Bubble

    » Play Fruity Bubble

    Bobble Bubble clone with a fruity theme

  • Kirby

    » Kirby

    Remake of the classic Kirby game.

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