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  • Freaky Friday

    » Freaky Friday

    That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! Embark on a daring rescue mission through the house on the hill, probing deeper and deeper into the secret life of Mister Stitch ... and discover his most unpleasant pasttime.

  • Asteroids Revenge III

    » Asteroids Revenge III

    Slam your asteroids into the attacking ships. Make them pay that they ever shot an asteroid.

  • Vulcan

    » Vulcan

    Start with multiple weapons and take out the aliens. Multiple difficulties to increase challenge.

  • Play Camper Strike

    » Play Camper Strike

    Remake of Counter Strike, hit the targets

  • Dangerous Voyage

    » Dangerous Voyage

    Sidescroller action game of jumping and dodging. Can you handle all the action this game throws?

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  • Kikeriki Oje

    » Kikeriki Oje

    All weird toys gone mad and they are going after you. Stay alive as long as you can and collect hypos as they boost your health.

  • Team Contravention

    » Team Contravention

    Games story takes place in a destroyed world where these groups are trying to win a small battle in an already lost war.

  • Jetfighter

    » Jetfighter

    Save your homeland from the alien invasion in this exciting arcade style shot em up!

  • Armed with Wings 2

    » Armed with Wings 2

    Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Armed with Wings. Journey across 5 worlds, do battle with 5 bosses, seize the Blades of Eden and use its des

  • Shoot Em Up

    » Shoot Em Up

    Shoot the bad guys that have surrounded you and are coming in from all directions.

  • Chain Circles

    » Chain Circles

    Are you a good judge? No, not the kind that wears a silly white wig and condemns people to hefty long sentences for sex-crimes. But the kind that can, in this case, estimate the efficiency of exploding objects by placing them strategically so as to captur

  • World of Pain - Chapter 2

    » World of Pain - Chapter 2

    Build your character as you fight enemies and gain experience and go threw the story.

  • Sky Dive

    » Sky Dive

    In this free online action game, you get to dive out of a plane and open your shoot! Don`t hit the birds and try to land on the bullseye.

  • Blade Racing

    » Blade Racing

    Play the hot and hip new game from Blade. Just collect all the items on your way to earn points.

  • Frantic Shooter

    » Frantic Shooter

    A very fun first person shooter that includes stickman action.

  • Ling Yun

    » Ling Yun

    Fly and shoot the incoming flying enemies in this side view jet shooter.

  • Ninja Rinseout

    » Ninja Rinseout

    Kill everyone in your way.

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