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  • Snow Fort Blitz

    » Snow Fort Blitz

    The best defense is a good blitz! Blitz the Computer three times in this game to defend your Snow Fort and win the game.

  • Capoeira Fighter 2

    » Capoeira Fighter 2

    Kickboxing, defeat your opponent using your techniques.

  • Save The Earth

    » Save The Earth

    Be a hero once again and protect the Earth against alien wave invasions. Don`t die and don`t let the Earth get destroyed. Destroy all enemies and collect debris for points and upgrades to make your life easier. New Version. Game instructions on GamesFree

  • Vindex Chronicles

    » Vindex Chronicles

    Help Vindex protect the peace and unite the world.

  • Dark Waters

    » Dark Waters

    How tough are you?

  • Tombs Of Anubis

    » Tombs Of Anubis

    Destroy Anubis and his army of mummies by taking snap shots of them with your camera. Collect the snap shots to complete each level but hurry, take too long and the mummies come back to life angrier and hungry for revenge!

  • Star Serpent

    » Star Serpent

    Its the future and the Earth has united for eternal peace, so things got really boring. After discovering seven other solar systems in the Milky Way, The United States of Earth (USE) decided to attack those places to conquer the whole galaxy.

  • Zombie vs Hamster

    » Zombie vs Hamster

    Which side will you take in the war between the zombies and the hamsters?

  • Animal Bike Tour

    » Animal Bike Tour

    Do the tour and do sick some aerial bike moves.

  • Millie Megavolte 5 - Millie and the Psycho Bomber

    » Millie Megavolte 5 - Millie and the Psycho Bomber

    Millie and the Psycho Bomber is the 5th part of the platform action game series `Millie Megavolte`.

  • Shirley`s Revenge

    » Shirley`s Revenge

    You have to stop the android before he destroy the city. Game controls on Arrow Keys: Move. Spacebar: Fire. CTRL Key: Activate the protecting shield.

  • Towers Tactics Aphelion

    » Towers Tactics Aphelion

    Create your player and kill all the enemies as you click on them and upgrade your character.

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