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  • String Avoider Deluxe

    » String Avoider Deluxe

    Guide your long string to the end of the level and avoid walls, use scissors to cut it short for easier passage. Make wide when dealing with corners. Keep your eye on your lives, rushing may not always be a good idea. take it slow and steady.

  • Hexa

    » Hexa

    A cute puzzle game where you switch and drop blocks to match similar creatures.

  • Kill the Pacman

    » Kill the Pacman

    Bounce off the pac man guys using your ball and destroy them before the time limit.

  • Space

    » Space

    A revolutionary space war game with lots of money, power-ups and aliens! Grab the money before the alien does.

  • Play Battle Tanx

    » Play Battle Tanx

    Exciting kill them alltank game that can be played by 4 human player

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  • Go Away Fly

    » Go Away Fly

    Exterminate all flies in your kitchen

  • Play Galactic Warrior

    » Play Galactic Warrior

    A classic arcade game remake Shoot down space aliens and fight for a high score

  • Thimblebumps quest for Neptune

    » Thimblebumps quest for Neptune

    Thimblebump is a fun little fellow who one simple goal in mind : reach Neptune! It seems like an easy enough task (especially using only two buttons) but on his journey he will encounter a myriad of obstacles designed to stop him.

  • Play Save Them Goldfish

    » Play Save Them Goldfish

    Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium

  • Play Kill the Pacman

    » Play Kill the Pacman

    Jump on top of pacman to kill the pacman stay in mid air to kill as many Pacman as quickly as possible

  • Elder

    » Elder

    A game of Frogger remixed and with a time limit.

  • Hitz!

    » Hitz!

    Discover addicting game Hitz! Hitz! is an outstanding arcade game. Doesn’t matter if you enjoy playing brick buster games or not – you’ll love this arkanoid! Move the platform by moving your mouse, bounce the ball towards the obstacles and break them. Col

  • Play Mission Mars

    » Play Mission Mars

    Level the city to secure your landing

  • Ping AI

    » Ping AI

    One of the worlds first games updated with super computer AI.

  • Mini Ball

    » Mini Ball

    Play table footie, everyone knows this board game. Just try to beat the other team. 2 player is available.

  • Mysteriez! 3

    » Mysteriez! 3

    Seize an opportunity to visit a spaceship and calm Japanese garden, glance into a workshop of a smith or a tailor as you look for hidden numbers in this fun online puzzle. This time it`s 400 items to find and millions of users worldwide. Double click to

  • Hit Him

    » Hit Him

    Try to hit the guy on different parts of the face as fast as you can, before the time runs out!

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