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  • Party Down

    » Party Down

    Take care of your party guests as they want to be fed, and party down.

  • Tanya

    » Tanya

    Tanya is a girl with conservative style. She doesn`t like to wear too much make up. Find the best look for her.

  • Manga Jigsaw Puzzle

    » Manga Jigsaw Puzzle

    Choose from 3 different anime pictures and then solve the jigsaw puzzle. It`s one of the most interesting jigsaw puzzle!

  • How to Make Nutty Orange Flap Jacks

    » How to Make Nutty Orange Flap Jacks

    Learn how to make one great treat for the kids and kids at heart.

  • Cutie Doll Dress Up

    » Cutie Doll Dress Up

    Dress up this cutie with many different outfits. Be creative and make some fancy combinations!

  • Beat The Rush

    » Beat The Rush

    Walk around the college as you dodge other people and make it to the exit quickly on each new level.

  • Gingerbread Man

    » Gingerbread Man

    Help dress up this gingerbread man before he gets eaten!

  • Renaissanse Woman

    » Renaissanse Woman

    During the Renaissance in the 15th century, Europe awoke from a long dark period. At that time rich women dressed up in a very unique way.

  • Paparazzi Princess Dress Up

    » Paparazzi Princess Dress Up

    For celebrities, paparazzi are a nightmare. They always follow them around and try to find a story to put on the cover of the magazines. Choose one of the four celebrities that you`ll like to see on the cover of the magazine, dress them up but be careful

  • Sheep Game

    » Sheep Game

    Herd the sheep as fast you can before they escape.

  • Submachine: The Loop

    » Submachine: The Loop

    Escape to a endless loop of rooms.

  • Little pony dress up

    » Little pony dress up

    The little pony is not a regular pony but he is a fashion maniac pony.Dress the pony up with stylish clothes and shiny accesories.The little pony will be gratefull and will let you ride him only if he loves the outfit that you make him wear, so be careful

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