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  • Garfield Dress Up

    » Garfield Dress Up

    Help dress up your favorite cat Garfield!

  • Baby Penguin

    » Baby Penguin

    Here we have another fun animal for you to dress up. This little penguin needs you to dress him in glasses, among other things, because he is near-sighted.

  • Color Head Chaser

    » Color Head Chaser

    Try to catch people with same colors as yours.

  • Cars - Spot the Difference

    » Cars - Spot the Difference

    You have two pictures seemingly identical, but if you observe them carefully with your eagle eyes, you can find the differences. Get 50 points for every correct click and lose 10 points for every wrong click. You lose the game in your third wrong click. C

  • Ricarda

    » Ricarda

    Ricarda loves to go shopping. Look at all the cool clothing she bought.

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  • Doodle Bugs

    » Doodle Bugs

    Color these six white pictures in. In `New Page` you can see them all. All of them are of fun bugs.

  • Hello Kitty Clouds

    » Hello Kitty Clouds

    Hello Kitty Clouds is another game with your popular character Hello Kitty. In this enjoyable sliding game your job would be to solve the puzzle with Hello Kitty. On the image Hello Kitty is sitting on some cute clouds. Press play and commence playing the

  • Nicole Kidman Makeover

    » Nicole Kidman Makeover

    Give Nicole the rightful makeover.

  • Hottie Hoops

    » Hottie Hoops

    Starlets are looking for some fun. Up for some One on One? Well, first, you`ll have to beat them at basketball. Prepare for the prettiest game of Horse you`ve ever played!

  • Forest Cooking

    » Forest Cooking

    You are in the woods and this cute squirel will help you make a cake.

  • Wiggimart

    » Wiggimart

    Can you keep off with taking the bad food off the grocery store conveyor belt?

  • Kiddy Boy

    » Kiddy Boy

    Don`t get caught by your mother, father or even your teacher.

  • How to Make Easter Humpty Biscuits

    » How to Make Easter Humpty Biscuits

    Learn how make such a delicious treat.

  • I will be Lightning

    » I will be Lightning

    Keep the stars in the sky by energizing them with your lightning. Let too many stars drop and it is game over.

  • Candy and Clyde

    » Candy and Clyde

    Play through Candy and Clyde`s daily routine of games and chores. Choose which child to help in each minigame. Finish every game as fast as you can to earn stars. Good luck and enjoy!

  • The Impossibly Hard Quiz 3

    » The Impossibly Hard Quiz 3

    As the AG audience gets smarter, our crack scientists make the quiz games more cleverer! You think you`ve quizzed before? Well, fasten your quiz belts and strap on your quiz helmet, `cauz thiz quiz iz notz forz the weex!

  • Lovele: Casual Style

    » Lovele: Casual Style

    Dress Casually but still in fashion.

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