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  • Midori

    » Midori

    Midori loves expensive clothes. That`s why she fights with her parents, because she spends too much on her outfits!

  • Funny Kitten Ride

    » Funny Kitten Ride

    Help this funny kitten fly higher and achieve its target. Holding lighter objects helps the kitten move very faster whereas, holding heavier objects lets it fall down. See to that you move carefully without hitting the bombs on the way by which you`ll lo

  • Color HSM 3

    » Color HSM 3

    Check out this cool coloring game. All the people from HSM 3 are here. Cool!

  • Bear Family

    » Bear Family

    This family of bears are out for a days picnic,their getting ready to have their family picture took so they can remember the fun filled day their about to go on! Can you color them in and make them look their best for the photograph?

  • Brandy's Butterfly Catch

    » Brandy's Butterfly Catch

    Time it just right as you catch butterflies at just the right time to avoid other butterflies.

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  • Dress Code 60s

    » Dress Code 60s

    Try wearing a certain fashion in a certain decade.

  • Merry Burger

    » Merry Burger

    Prepare and serve the requested burger to the kids.

  • Date Haneunnal

    » Date Haneunnal

    Help her get ready for her date.

  • Alizee Jacotey Makeover

    » Alizee Jacotey Makeover

    a French singer. Born in Ajaccio, Corsica, she goes by the stage name Aliz

  • Angelina and Brad Kissing

    » Angelina and Brad Kissing

    Level 1: Make Brad Pitt kiss Angelina Jolie until the kissing status bar gets completed. But, while kissing each other, it should be done in a way such that the kids Zoharra and Maddox shouldn`t notice the kissing action. If the kids notice the kissing ac

  • Youda Marina

    » Youda Marina

    Build up your seaside paradise and one day that huge yacht might be yours!

  • How to Make Vegetable Manchurian

    » How to Make Vegetable Manchurian

    Vegetable Manchurian is an Indo ?Chinese (a combination of Indian and Chinese Cuisine). It can be made into a wet (with gravy) or dry dish. Manchurian is not spicy but can be altered to suit the taste. The preparation time is about an hour and is served h

  • Rotten

    » Rotten

    Yeah, but what if you hate your new toys? Show your dissatisfaction by trashing the house! How much damage can you do with one kick?

  • Jump Rope for Heart

    » Jump Rope for Heart

    Put your heart into it and JUMP! Try and jump rope as long as you can without missing a beat. It’s time to get PUMPED and JUMP!

  • Sort My Tiles Jetsons

    » Sort My Tiles Jetsons

    Fly to the sky with the Jetsons while you sort them out.

  • Winx Musa

    » Winx Musa

    Dress Musa up for the night out.

  • Sonic Skating

    » Sonic Skating

    Hi! Are you ready for funny ride with sonic? Help him to skate safely and reach the target to move successive levels. Be careful with the obstacles on the way else you will lose the game. Have Fun Ride! Use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

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