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  • Peppy's Diana Ross Dress Up

    » Peppy's Diana Ross Dress Up

    Get our legendary diva the dress a queen should deserve.

  • Draw

    » Draw

    Draw anything you want in this game that has lots of fun.

  • Kimberly Walsh Dress Up

    » Kimberly Walsh Dress Up

    An English singer for the pop group Girls Aloud. Walsh also acted as band-mate Cheryl Cole`s advisor on The X Factor during the judges` houses stage of the show, helping Cole to decide who to put through to the live shows. Kimberly was placed number 37 in

  • Long Live the Couple

    » Long Live the Couple

    Soon this couple will get married, but before you have to dress them nicely!

  • Bad Cat

    » Bad Cat

    These cats are in the fish market and want to eat all the fish. Click them with the mouse so that they don`t finish off the market`s goods.

  • How to Make Chicken Salad

    » How to Make Chicken Salad

    Chicken salad is any salad that comprises chicken as a main ingredient. In Europe and Asia this may be complemented by any number of dressings, or indeed no dressing at all and the salad consituant can vary from traditional leaves and vegetables, pastas,

  • Car Work Shop

    » Car Work Shop

    Keep up with the vehicles coming in for gas, tires or a tune up. Be quick!

  • Super Mario Bounce

    » Super Mario Bounce

    Help Mario reach the star in each level under the maximum number of bounces so make sure to bounce wisely! You can also get some weapons to help you in some levels. Pickup coins and mushrooms for more points. Have fun!

  • Hair and Eyes

    » Hair and Eyes

    Give this girl the greatest grooming ever.

  • Student Sim

    » Student Sim

    Manage your life as a student as you keep cleanly groomed. Study hard and eat right. Pick up chicks.

  • Peppy's Liv Tyler Dress Up

    » Peppy's Liv Tyler Dress Up

    Give this rock star beauty the treatment of a queen.

  • Bratz Kidz Getting Ready

    » Bratz Kidz Getting Ready

    Look at the picture and find all the pieces of clothes the girl is wearing!

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