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  • Go Giego Go: Rain Forest Adventure

    » Go Giego Go: Rain Forest Adventure

    Help Diego catch photos of these wild animals but avoid the banana`s thrown to you by the naughty monkey.

  • Wooper's Adventure

    » Wooper's Adventure

    Wooper`s girl friend Hus been stoled! Rescue her in this slightly infantile, Mario themed retro platform game.

  • Troglodite

    » Troglodite

    This is a primitive game where you control a green creature that must find a green ball and get to the exit door avoiding ghosts.

  • Spore Attack

    » Spore Attack

    The killer spores will put an end to the world if you allow them to erupt. Fly over the forest with Ben10 and his cousin and destroy them using foot powder.

  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

    » The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

    Follow Sherlock further into his investigation of Dr. Carstairs and the mummy Anan-thotep. Search the location for the items listed on the left, clicking on any you find. Click on the magnifying glass for a closer look, and on the pipe for a hint. You hav

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  • Deep Lift

    » Deep Lift

    In this jump and run game you are an aquanaut who has to reach the lifts. Move and collect power ups and all those other helpful extras.

  • Pointless

    » Pointless

    Jump and run through various dangerous levels and collect the golden coins avoiding all the baddies...

  • The Adventures of John Jumper

    » The Adventures of John Jumper

    Use arrows to move John, Don`t touch the bad guys. When on the trampoline, hold up, and you`ll jump on it. You can play through the game normally or you can play in the survival mode with only one life.

  • Little Wheel

    » Little Wheel

    Watch the animated story as you control the heroes actions and what order he does actions in.

  • Rock Collecting 2

    » Rock Collecting 2

    Drive your buggy over jumps as you avoid obstacles and keep from falling down pits.

  • Finding Nemo - Cruisin' with Cruise

    » Finding Nemo - Cruisin' with Cruise

    This game is based on Finding Nemo film. You are Crush, the turtle and you need to get Marlin and Dory to Australian costs through the Eastern Australian Current. Collect baby turtles and avoid jellyfish.

  • Curl Rush

    » Curl Rush

    Avoid obstacles while collecting goodies.

  • Alien

    » Alien

    They have landed or rather crashed. Help the brave little aliens climb to freedom!

  • New Super Mario World

    » New Super Mario World

    Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game.

  • Hopper 2

    » Hopper 2

    Hop on the platforms and jump over enemies. Keep hopping and hope you stay alive.

  • Alex In Danger

    » Alex In Danger

    Guide Alex through the different world of dangerous creatures, in search of precious gems...

  • iPumpkin - The Pumpkin Land

    » iPumpkin - The Pumpkin Land

    Help Mr. Pumpkinhead to find his lost pumpkins in this jump, run and draw game.

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