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  • UFO Wars

    » UFO Wars

    UFO Wars is a real time strategy - action game where you have to capture all enemy`s planets. 20 levels of strategy and action, have fun :) Game Controls on : Hold mouse to shoot W,A,S,D keys to move Q to load units E to unload units M

  • Meez Adventure Game

    » Meez Adventure Game

    Mario-style platform game with meez characters. Explore levels, collect power-ups and try to stay alive, lots of hidden secrets to find. Game instructions on : Try to get to the end of each level, collect coins and crystals, jump on top of

  • Shoot Zombies

    » Shoot Zombies

    Shoot the zombies in this top-down view keyboard shooter.

  • Totally Spies Mission Clover

    » Totally Spies Mission Clover

    Guide Clover and help her destroy all the enemies!

  • The Last Stand

    » The Last Stand

    During the night, protect your barricade against the oncoming hordes. Manage your time during the daylight hours to search for weapons, survivors and to repair.

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  • Anime Fighting Jam

    » Anime Fighting Jam

    Cool!!! Anime Fighting game featuring Naruto! Similar to King of Fighters.

  • Shoplifter Defence

    » Shoplifter Defence

    You`re about to take charge of Security at a top posh London Department Store. Your mission is to protect the merchandise from wave after wave of shoplifters. You must stop these tea-leaves by any means necessary.

  • Megaman X Virus Mission

    » Megaman X Virus Mission

    A fighting game with RPG style turns.

  • The Magic is in You

    » The Magic is in You

    Soccer players don`t like gardening! Guide this dude through the dangerous world of hobby gardeners.

  • Transformers Prestige

    » Transformers Prestige

    Guide Transformers robot leader through the Earth`s catacombs to acquire energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron.

  • Wulfgar

    » Wulfgar

    Battle the undead as you chop off their heads and cut them into pieces. Put them back in the ground!

  • Deconstructor

    » Deconstructor

    You are the Deconstructor. Blow all armory that shoots at you to `Deconstruct` it. Cool retro feel.

  • Varth : Operation Thunderstorm

    » Varth : Operation Thunderstorm

    Shoot all your enemies with your awesome weapons in this great shoot em up game.

  • 3000 AD

    » 3000 AD

    - IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is huge, and you`ll see a white blank screen until it fully loads. We are working on fixing the preloader :) - Mech warriors, rejoice! An awesome mech game with a retro style that features fantastic power and game-play! - Ins

  • Monster Mayhem

    » Monster Mayhem

    Fight against another player or the computer with monsters. Multiple difficulty settings.

  • Dragon Knight

    » Dragon Knight

    Dragon Knight game is a adventure action game with cartoonesque characters.

  • Pico of the Dark Ages

    » Pico of the Dark Ages

    Sidescrolling, limb chopping, head decapitating, action game.

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