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    <div style=`width:600px; margin-left:30px`>Mario-style platform game with meez characters. Explore levels, collect power-ups and try to stay alive, lots of hidden secrets to find.

    Game instructions on :

    Try to get to the end of each level, collect coins and crystals, jump on top of enemies to defeat them.

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  • Scorched

    » Scorched

    You`ll need a friend to play this shoot-`em-up game. Each player gets to select and name their character. You take turns controlling your shots with the arrow keys and firing with the space bar. You also have $1,000 to spend on specialty items like super

  • Cure Michael J. Fox

    » Cure Michael J. Fox

    Beat the Parkinsons out of Michael J. Fox!

  • Play Quick Draw

    » Play Quick Draw

    Shoot buster before he shoots you

  • Last Stand

    » Last Stand

    Survive the night fighting off zombies from your barricade.

  • Heli Combat

    » Heli Combat

    Stay alive as you drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at the enemies that appear.

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  • Aqua Turret

    » Aqua Turret

    Destroy entire waves of war boats with your turret. How long can you survive?

  • Zombie Arena

    » Zombie Arena

    Zombie Arena is an addictive shoot em` up with loads of upgrades, and of course Zombies! See if you can rack up enough kills to get on the high scores!

  • Intensub Flash

    » Intensub Flash

    Launch torpedoes up at the boats that are dropping bombs and launching groups of missiles at you.

  • Play Cop Shoot

    » Play Cop Shoot

    Almost like a police training game. You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies.

  • The Emperor`s Runaway Cart

    » The Emperor`s Runaway Cart

    Kuzco is on his way to meet Malina in Yzma??

  • Mutants

    » Mutants

    Kill all enemies to survive.

  • Vizzed Flash Bash

    » Vizzed Flash Bash

    2 player only fighting game. 2 players at the same keyboard pick their fighters and try to win.

  • Jump 'n' Glide

    » Jump &#039;n&#039; Glide

    Have you ever done air gliding before? Anyway, the object of the game is to collect all the yellow balloons as you glide through the air. Try to jump and Glide toward them, but be careful not to disturb the balloons with bombs.

  • Martial Tricks

    » Martial Tricks

    From the shadows emerge the martial masters, always alert and ready to rumble. Push the arrows shown to complete the martial tricks and win the fight!

  • Dolphin Dash

    » Dolphin Dash

  • Play Cat Bat

    » Play Cat Bat

    Get rid of the unwanted cats from the castle by coaxing them safely out of the walls using a basebal

  • Air Battle

    » Air Battle

    Physic based air shooter game. Fly around and kill bad guys in this addicting and really well made flash game. Game instructions on : Use all the arrow keys to move and your mouse to aim, left clik to fire !

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