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  • Create A Warm Winter

    » Create A Warm Winter

    Create a warm winter by wearing this stylish clothes.

  • Harry Potter Dress Up

    » Harry Potter Dress Up

    Harry Potter needs your help deciding what to wear for the hogwarts dance. So go help him dress up!

  • Sort My Tiles Madagascar

    » Sort My Tiles Madagascar

    Sort out the company of animals from the zoo.

  • Ivey

    » Ivey

    It`s been a long time since Ivy has seen her guy, and that`s why she wants to look her best for when she sees him again.

  • Kiddy Playdate

    » Kiddy Playdate

    Get these kids dressed for their playdate! Make sure their outfits fit the weather and location you choose. Drag and drop items with your mouse onto the boy or the girl. Use the icons on the left to select the type of weather and location for your kiddie

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  • Baby Melisa Spa Care

    » Baby Melisa Spa Care

    Give a relaxing body massage to baby Melisa. Provide a perfect treatment with massage oil. Go up with a refreshing bath and gratify with cute dress and accessories.Make her feel rejuvenated once you complete the massage!

  • H2O

    » H2O

    Rikki, Cleo and Emma are three mermaids who are also friends who are posing for us. Can you paint them?

  • Dora at the Spa

    » Dora at the Spa

    Dora at the Spa is very fun new game with Dora. In this cool game Dora is on her Christmas vacation and she wants to go to a massage spa saloon. She is looking for the best massage spa so she will be visiting you famous massage spa. So your job is to give

  • Find the Objects Home

    » Find the Objects Home

    Find unique items in your house.

  • Dress Up Vampire

    » Dress Up Vampire

    Dress this cute Vampire before she sucks the life into you.

  • Tigger's Shadow Shape

    » Tigger's Shadow Shape

    A kid game of picking the item that shadow shape is being displayed.

  • Habibi

    » Habibi

    Habibi has a mysterious and cold beauty. Put on her make up to make her look seductive.

  • Life of a Star

    » Life of a Star

    See what kind of clothes a star have.

  • Ultimate Sweets Maker

    » Ultimate Sweets Maker

    Want some cakes ice cream and cup cakes, Let`s try make some of delicious sweets!!

  • Surival Dress Up

    » Surival Dress Up

    Exploring the woods with only a backpack and a jeep! What uniform-like outfit will be the best for this survival girl? This is the special `back to nature` edition!

  • Idea Workshop

    » Idea Workshop

    Could you match up and complete all the missing letters from the words given with their corresponding pictures?

  • Tutti Cuti: Cupcake

    » Tutti Cuti: Cupcake

    You have to make muffins which match the example as closely as possible. Every time you will make more money.

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