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    As BunnyPenny briefs you on the situation, it`s your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by dirty stinking rats to starve the bunny nation. Shoot those evil rats in this great side-scrolling shoot `em up.

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  • Inquisitive Dave

    » Inquisitive Dave

    Move around the world as you inquire about everything you find. Don`t get your brains blown out.

  • Super Soaker Madness

    » Super Soaker Madness

    Keep the Madness universe characters away from you by shooting your super soaker.

  • Critical Impact

    » Critical Impact

    A meteor shower is threatening the Earth. Use Heatblast to destroy the meteors before they hit the ground. Create chain reactions for extra points. But watch out for the obstacles; use Ghostfreak to phase through barriers.

  • Urban Jungle Rumble

    » Urban Jungle Rumble

    Fight the other cartoon characters and come out the winner. Unlock special moves.

  • Mob Posse

    » Mob Posse

    Mob Posse a real battle strategy game that requires skill.

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