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  • Cube Tema

    » Cube Tema

    Your goal here is to clear blocks by making two like colored blocks touch each other either above or below,left or right. Click one of the two like colored blocks to clear them. Diagonals are not allowed. Click Tema Tempe to create a new level of cubes. C

  • Cameron Diaz Makeover

    » Cameron Diaz Makeover

    Give one of the Angels a freaking great makeover.

  • Egyptian Queen Dress Up

    » Egyptian Queen Dress Up

    This jewel of the Nile will never go dull with such a stunning wardrobe!

  • Pancake Serving Game

    » Pancake Serving Game

    Serve Fresh and hot pancakes at your customer.

  • Strawberry Shortcake: How A Garden Grows

    » Strawberry Shortcake: How A Garden Grows

    Help Strawberry collect berries from he garden.

  • Swing and Set

    » Swing and Set

    Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one. The quicker you are to complete, more score to your account.

  • Gardener Girl Dress up

    » Gardener Girl Dress up

    With a garden this gorgeous, you?e got to do a little something extra to keep all eyes on you.

  • Ebu Dress Up

    » Ebu Dress Up

    Dress Alladin`s faithful sidekick Ebu.

  • Zoes Halloween Receipes

    » Zoes Halloween Receipes

    Zoe wants to make different kind of dishes for the Halloween day, since she has invited her friends to the party. Here Zoe has decided to prepare Halloween finger cookies, Jello worms and shrunken apple heads, could you help her?

  • Knightfall

    » Knightfall

    Every fairy tale I`ve ever heard involved a knight with a sword. Not this one, however, as you have a drill. Yes, A DRILL. Actually, I`d trust a knight with a drill more than a knight with a sword. Drill on.

  • How to Make Nutty Orange Flap Jacks

    » How to Make Nutty Orange Flap Jacks

    Learn how to make one great treat for the kids and kids at heart.

  • Pyramid Bloxx

    » Pyramid Bloxx

    The Pharaoh needs a Pyramid and he needs it YESTERDAY! So you better get building! Grab a huge slab of stone, and start chucking it up to the top! Just don`t drop your Pyramid Blox!

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