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  • Dora the Explorer Dress Up

    » Dora the Explorer Dress Up

    Dora the explorer needs your HELP! She can`t decide what to wear! Can you help her?

  • Knightfall

    » Knightfall

    Every fairy tale I`ve ever heard involved a knight with a sword. Not this one, however, as you have a drill. Yes, A DRILL. Actually, I`d trust a knight with a drill more than a knight with a sword. Drill on.

  • Pop Singers Word Search

    » Pop Singers Word Search

    Find out the favorite `Pop Singer` names within the give time limit. Click on the starting letter of the word and drag the cursor over the word and release it on word`s last letter. Correct answer will be locked in the list. Use mouse to interact.

  • Peppy's Brendon Urie Dress Up

    » Peppy's Brendon Urie Dress Up

    Brendon Boyd Urie (born April 12, 1987) met Brent Wilson at Palo Verde High School in guitar class, eventually joining Wilson`s band, which became Panic at the Disco.

  • Pirate Girl Dress Up

    » Pirate Girl Dress Up

    Sally is getting ready for a costume party and she decided to go dressed as a pirate - what clothes and accessories would you recommend?

  • Share The Food

    » Share The Food

    Share the food so that there is the same number of items on both trays.

  • Ice Cream Heaven

    » Ice Cream Heaven

    Take care of the ice cream parlor as you bring customers their requested dishes.

  • Soup Server

    » Soup Server

    Demonstrate in how to serve a soup and remember no spills.

  • Life of a Star

    » Life of a Star

    See what kind of clothes a star have.

  • Peppy's Victoria Beckham Dress Up

    » Peppy's Victoria Beckham Dress Up

    Help Posh get all dress up for her husbands big game.

  • Ben 10 Power Hunt

    » Ben 10 Power Hunt

    Get ready for to collect all the Omnitrix within the given time limit. Your time gets boosted as you catch up the timer on your way. Your score increases with the Omnitrix you collect. You can hold on the key only after collecting all the Omnitrix. As soo

  • Kumbhakarna Food

    » Kumbhakarna Food

    Hunger has weakened Kumbhakarna, as he gets lodged on the ground! Quench his hunger by serving the foodstuffs. Collect the foodstuffs from the food-barrel found alongside the road, and serve it to kumbhakarna.Use the vehicle to collect the food, and tilt

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