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  • Pakman

    » Pakman

    Pakman is a remake of the classic 80`s pacmaYour only start off with 2 orbs but get more as the levels get harder and harder.

  • School of Sword

    » School of Sword

    Don`t let your opponent slice you!

  • Quarantine Defender

    » Quarantine Defender

    Shoot all the people running towards the wall. Gun them down before they reach it. Call in airstrike

  • Buster

    » Buster

    You are Buster, on a quest to capture all of the trick or treat goodies before they are delivered to all the kids from around the neighborhood. Game instructions on : Click your mouse for the initial jump to start the game. Clicking is not

  • The Ningotiators

    » The Ningotiators

    Move the Ninjette around town and beat the enemy as fast as you can.

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  • War Club

    » War Club

    Fight against CPU or another player.

  • Zombie War

    » Zombie War

    Your mission in this online zombie game is to control the last platoon of soldiers on earth and save humanity from the zombie hordes. Kill all the zombies in each sector to clear that level and move onto the next. Take control of your soldiers and use the

  • Iron Man - City Flight

    » Iron Man - City Flight

    Fly over the city and destroy the meteor shower and the enemy ships that are terrorizing the population. You have to collect energy to charge your weapon and life to recover from the blows. Shoot against the enemies and avoid all obstacles.

  • Sock and Awe

    » Sock and Awe

    Sure, he`s the most unpopular American president, EVER. But he still has cat-like reflexes! Can you peg the prez with a stinky boat shoe? How can you resist?

  • Western Blitzkrieg

    » Western Blitzkrieg

    Aim and shoot in this sidescroller with nice graphics. Watch out for those landmines!

  • Crack Shot

    » Crack Shot

    Shoot as much animals as possible but avoid shooting protected animals

  • Drone Wars

    » Drone Wars

    It`s a drone war! Stock up on ore to build drones to complete your space missions and battle the enemy.

  • Simple Tower Defense

    » Simple Tower Defense

    Another tower defense game for your enjoyment. Small map, but it can last a while.

  • Aporkalypse Now

    » Aporkalypse Now

    Take out as many pigs as possible.

  • Hunger Strike

    » Hunger Strike

    Another tower defense game by way of KFC. Setup your food placements to attack the monsters.

  • Tank Patrol

    » Tank Patrol

    The objective of the game is to defend your tank and shoot all the enemies

  • Witch Power Practice

    » Witch Power Practice

    Got what it takes to become a Guardian and protect the veil.

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