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    Your task in this original action game is to connect gawpsters of the same color and create big combinations for greatest scores. Watch out for big gawpsters though as they`re not so easy to catch. You will benefit from points bonuses, slow-downs, anti co

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  • Flappy

    » Flappy

    Fly Flappy as far as you can. Try to pop the balloons but avoid the blue birds.

  • Spookiz

    » Spookiz

    This is a classic tetris type of game. Just match 3 monsters every drop.

  • Kokoris

    » Kokoris

    Play with Koko and get the new high score!

  • Deep Digg

    » Deep Digg

    Deep Digg is an addicting classic game, there is hard mode and easy mode. In the hard mode, the air supply decreases over time, each rock dig consumes 20% air. In the easy mode, the air only decreases when you dig, one color ore consumes 1% air, one rock

  • Play Fly On Drugs

    » Play Fly On Drugs

    Flying Obstacles course but this time you are not piloting a plane you are a fly in search of full

  • Snowball

    » Snowball

    Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil imps in this nice remake of the classic breakout game.

  • Urban Slug 2

    » Urban Slug 2

    Destroy all your enemies and free hostages!

  • Play Lone Faction

    » Play Lone Faction

    You are a robot with a conscience The company who created you wants you dead Exit the facility in which you are in safely and kill as many drones as possible

  • Carabao Strikes!

    » Carabao Strikes!

    Find and match the same colored blocks by using your mouse button. Beware of the colored blocks because only the red one has additional points. If you hit on milk, cow`s head and bread, you can also earn points.

  • Bandit Kings

    » Bandit Kings

    Ah, what can I say...this is the best, and I mean the BEST 2 player game that I have ever played. To see what I mean check the game out.

  • Play Condom Game At Lurve Launge

    » Play Condom Game At Lurve Launge

    Sexy game related to condoms

  • Play CasseBriques

    » Play CasseBriques

    Arkanoid in pixelated and black& white screen

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