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  • Turret Defence

    » Turret Defence

    Defend your turret, blast your enemy and watch out for your health bar, that`s all you gotta do in this cool war game.

  • Killego

    » Killego

    Move in this first person shooter as a lego man and shoot the enemies that appear.

  • Chaos War 3

    » Chaos War 3

    Fight the stick figures with your sword and spells. Level up your character by killing more enemies.

  • Flash Gauntlet

    » Flash Gauntlet

  • Sushi Tower Defense

    » Sushi Tower Defense

    Beat all sushi dishes!

  • Sonic RPG eps 5

    » Sonic RPG eps 5

    In this movie you will be able to explore the caves of night`s Castle to get Holy water which will be used to heal Knuckles .Through the labirinth you will find some menaces, as a real RPG exploration. Then you will use your RPG`s experience to fight the

  • Batman Mega Dressup

    » Batman Mega Dressup

    Playing dressup game with Batman is not just plain dress-up, but super Mega Dressup. In this game you are allowed to change batman`s clothes as you like. You can change his belt, cape, mask, boots, even the background and a car (his famous batmobile). Ga

  • Squares and Blades

    » Squares and Blades

    Put and end to the evil sleeping in the Dark Mountains.

  • Panik in Platform Peril

    » Panik in Platform Peril

    Jump as the blue bunny and throw cookies at the enemies while grabbing the other items in the level.

  • Kvakvapark

    » Kvakvapark

    You and the frogs Kulikvak and Kvakul?na race in sliding a toboggan. The goal of the game is to ride down all slides as quickly as possible and without any accidents.

  • Robot Crush

    » Robot Crush

    Guide your robot, use your mouse, avoid crushing unto the missles.

  • Encounter Specialist

    » Encounter Specialist

    Clean up the scum of the country

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