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  • Bug Shooter

    » Bug Shooter

    Shoot as many bugs as you can! You have 40 bullets to do that and 60 seconds till time`s up!

  • Magic Pearls

    » Magic Pearls

    Another funny Moon Lander remake. This time you drive an small submarine ship and have the aim of gathering all the pearls lost by the ocean.

  • TU-95

    » TU-95

    Take control of the airplane as you take-off, fly, and land. Control the flaps to stay in the air.

  • Z-Man 707

    » Z-Man 707

    Help the kids move across the platform by moving Z-man into the right position.

  • StarGates

    » StarGates

    Great starship game were your mission will be to defeat all of the alien starships of all the galaxies. A hard mission to complete. It will not be easy.

  • The Wing

    » The Wing

    Save the mothership from being hit by the the asteroids.

  • Alien UFO

    » Alien UFO

    Rescue your fellow aliens who are stranded in hostile territory. Hitting brick walls damages your ship and hitting pipes or enemy aliens causes immediate destruction. Collect coins for extra points. Hitting brick walls damages your ship and hitting pipes

  • Gladiator Castle Wars

    » Gladiator Castle Wars

    Fight your way to the princess. Tons of weapons and enemies.

  • Cupid's Challenge

    » Cupid's Challenge

    Push the heart to make it fall on a couple,to make them kiss. The one who pushes the heart first wins.

  • Antoine Turkey Shooting

    » Antoine Turkey Shooting

    Shoot the individuals when they come into view. Shoot the birds to increase the bullet counts. Avoid the black colored bird otherwise, your score will get reduced.

  • Chicken Little Galactic Traveler

    » Chicken Little Galactic Traveler

    Help Chicken Little collect the panels A. when you have collected all of them, land on the platform to advance to the next level. Collect the panels in the proper order described at the bottom of the screen. But watch out, if chicken little`s spaceship ru

  • Spin Soar

    » Spin Soar

    Maneuver yourself around the asteroids that are hurling towards you.

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