Fonts Used In Logos
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  • Merry Burger

    » Merry Burger

    Prepare and serve the requested burger to the kids.

  • Sort My Tiles Turkey

    » Sort My Tiles Turkey

    Complete this tile puzzle piece.

  • Cool Boy

    » Cool Boy

    Before, guys used the `rough` look, but now with the `metrosexual` look in style, guys are taking better care of themselves. It`s better this way, right?

  • I will be Lightning

    » I will be Lightning

    Keep the stars in the sky by energizing them with your lightning. Let too many stars drop and it is game over.

  • Nicole Richie

    » Nicole Richie

    An American actress, author, singer, socialite, celebutante, and television personality. The adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, she is perhaps best known for her role in the reality television show The Simple Life.

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