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  • Devils Advocate

    » Devils Advocate

    Try to survive out in space for as long as possible and destroy your enemies as you progress further.

  • Tha Viruz

    » Tha Viruz

    Protect your system from the virus attack! Shoot and discard the emoticons before they overload the system.

  • Play Knasa Noid

    » Play Knasa Noid

    Good mod of the original Arkanoid it use circle instead of sqaure

  • Red Earth

    » Red Earth

    The evil Sauron retrieved the magical ring and converted our Earth into a red planet. Find and Destroy the ring before it destroys the earth.

  • Play Digininja beta v10

    » Play Digininja beta v10

    Kill the enemy ninja in this Digi Ninja game

  • Honkman

    » Honkman

    Help our hero Larry acquire some of life`s essentials (beer & porn) while escaping the vile clutches of his wife Edith.

  • Tarzan and Jane - Jungle Jump

    » Tarzan and Jane - Jungle Jump

    Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered throughout the jungle to give to Jane for their first anniversary. Time is short! He`ll have to brave the dangers of the animal kingdom to find the precious stones. help him avoid obstacles and swing across dangerous

  • Play Belter

    » Play Belter

    Top down view old school arcade game fly around shoot asteroids in your ship and upgrade weapons

  • Tower Defence

    » Tower Defence

    Protect the Princess from the enemy onslaught and defend her tower for as long as you can, using special powers.

  • Play Fucking Noisy Farmers Chicken

    » Play Fucking Noisy Farmers Chicken

    Kill the noisy chickens with cannon

  • Honey Bear

    » Honey Bear

    Help cute little honey bear in eating all the honey by dodging various harmful flies in different stages. Avoid all the flies as they will take one of your limited lives if they reach you. Also try not to touch security alarms and concentrate on honey to

  • Play Starship Seven

    » Play Starship Seven

    Navigate Starship Seven home beware as the way home is full of danger

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