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    Your target is to collect all the crowns on each level within the time limit, finishing at the top of the screen. Avoid being hit by the Bombs, touching the burning Oil drums, falling off the screen or running out of time, or you lose a life.

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  • Quebec Adventure

    » Quebec Adventure

    Manipulate level elements to allow Oriel the absent minded hero to cross without getting hurt!

  • Kill H1N1

    » Kill H1N1

    Ever heard about this small Virus A - H1N1 ? We hope itís not coming to your country !!! lol A big viral hit game from your Canadian friends! kill_h1n1_150x150 With all this craze surrounding the A H1N1 virus pandemic it was only a matter of time before w

  • Raider Jones

    » Raider Jones

    A sidescrolling, cavern exploring game with spiked wheels and other objects to avoid.

  • Space Runner 2

    » Space Runner 2

    Find the way out of this futuristic space station by opening the exit doors!

  • Mr.Bingo

    » Mr.Bingo

    Assist Bingo to collect the treasures without colliding with any of the obstacles. Collect the key to unlock the door in each level. Maintain the health level and surmount the obstacles cleverly to collect all the treasure objects.

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