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  • Luigis Revenge Interactive

    » Luigis Revenge Interactive

    Help Luigi go through various levels doing what you usually do in the Mario world.

  • Mario Town

    » Mario Town

    No killing Mario enemies, simply avoid them at all costs and stay alive. Reach the other side!

  • Elemental Game

    » Elemental Game

    Jump and run through various levels collecting coins and avoiding the baddies, in this nice adventure game.

  • Bunny Vs World

    » Bunny Vs World

    Guide the brave little Ninja Rabbit through thick and thin to defeat the evil dictator Rodent Adolf and his army!

  • Super Mario Flash 2

    » Super Mario Flash 2

    Guide Mario through Goomba valley, Pipe city etc confronting the redesigned classic enemies!

  • Astronaut Jeo

    » Astronaut Jeo

    Astronaut Joe had been travelling to space and his spacecraft got crashed on moon. Due to this, he is stuck on Moon and needs your help to survive there until he gets help from earth.

  • Rubenlandia

    » Rubenlandia

    A platform game set in the Land of Ruben!

  • Super Truck Racer

    » Super Truck Racer

    Get your truck safely to the finish while collecting all the stars.

  • Bird Man

    » Bird Man

    Get into a jail as Bird Man, sneak him past the guards to get the keys, but avoid being busted.

  • Pricilla Gone Missing

    » Pricilla Gone Missing

    Your aunt Pricilla has gone missing and it`s up to you to find her. Pricilla has disappeared but if anyone can find her it`s you. Don`t delay every second counts!

  • Super Chick Sisters

    » Super Chick Sisters

    Similar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!

  • Mr. Danger

    » Mr. Danger

    Your goal is to reach to the other side. Use the platform as guide before you jump. Click and drag to draw a limited yellow line which serves as pathway Mr. Danger will slide on. Don`t make it too steep, he will fall through! Get points by collecting diam

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