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    Dianna has appeared in Numb3rs, Shark, Close to Home and CSI:NY, as well as a series regular role in Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell and Jaime Ray Newman. She has also appeared on It`s a Mall World, a series of short films directed by Milo Ventimiglia.

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  • Up-Spot The Difference

    » Up-Spot The Difference

    Identify the differences and click it to confirm. You get 100 points for every correct click and lose 10 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click the game gets over. Use mouse to interact.

  • Fashion Show Dress Up

    » Fashion Show Dress Up

    Welcome to runway and show your edginess

  • Filomena

    » Filomena

    Filomena likes to try on different clothes in her room. She spends hours looking for the right dress to go out in.

  • Sandwich Cooking Game

    » Sandwich Cooking Game

    Make the most delicious sandwich ever. With some proper ingredients it`s just a piece of cake.

  • Gold Medal Cooker

    » Gold Medal Cooker

    We`re not surprised at how fat this cook is concidering how delicious his meals are. Will you help him in the kitchen Wambie girls?

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  • Fantasy Dolls Elf

    » Fantasy Dolls Elf

    Now is the turn of a very nice blonde elf archer and her shiny green armor!

  • Rowstar

    » Rowstar

    You have to line up the figures on the blocks to get them to disappear.

  • Lady Retro Look

    » Lady Retro Look

    Dress retro and live the retro lifestyle.

  • Flamenca

    » Flamenca

    Jimena is a flamenco dancer from Spain. Tonight she has a show. Help her choose what to wear.

  • Ninja Ladder War

    » Ninja Ladder War

    Are you game skilled???? Checkout this arduous game its tough enough to finish off, have an attempt. Your chore is to help the ninja to collect all the gold coin without getting captured by your opponent. Get involved in this game and have fun!!!

  • Jerry Cheese Chase

    » Jerry Cheese Chase

    Help the Jerry to reach home before caught with Tom. Get ready for a cheese chase with all your efforts. Move within the given area and collect all the cheese within the time limit. Your time gets boosted as you catch up the timer on your way. Your score

  • Balty vs Raawoo

    » Balty vs Raawoo

    Go feed the fish under the sea.

  • Shopping

    » Shopping

    Are you one of those girls who relaxes by going shopping? Well that`s pretty dangerous for your VISA card but it sure is fun to go from shop to shop!

  • Barbie Puzzle

    » Barbie Puzzle

    Finish this Barbie princess puzzle.

  • Renaissanse Woman

    » Renaissanse Woman

    During the Renaissance in the 15th century, Europe awoke from a long dark period. At that time rich women dressed up in a very unique way.

  • Prince Proposal Dressup

    » Prince Proposal Dressup

    A beautiful view, romantic scene, Prince wants to proposes to her? Be creative by designing the backgrounds and scenery.

  • Brooke Burns Makeover

    » Brooke Burns Makeover

    Give our Baywatch hottie a much needed makeover.

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