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  • Running Man Sparta Kook

    » Running Man Sparta Kook

    Jong Kook is the most fearsome runner in Running Man TV show, now play as him in this hillarious and dangerous running event

  • 12Days

    » 12Days

    Play as a hired killer and shoot using your sniper rifle

  • October Massacre

    » October Massacre

    You got a knife and you want candy. Kill the other kids and take their candy!

  • Lil Fighter

    » Lil Fighter newest games where yu have to beat up the bad purple guys.

  • Night Boarding

    » Night Boarding

    Show boarding skills at night.

  • Alpine Escape 2

    » Alpine Escape 2

    Shoot the planes avoiding the mines and save as many maidens as you can.

  • River War

    » River War

    The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy bunker or all of the enemy`s unit. To select a unit, press the letter or number above it while on screen, If you wish to select a unit hold over shift key and the corresponding letter/number shown on the unit.

  • Play Alien Showdown

    » Play Alien Showdown

    Invade and destroy the alien creatures by shooting them and throwing grenades into they breeding nest

  • Theatre Fun

    » Theatre Fun

    Beat the people who behave strangely while watching the movie. To beat the people, select any object from the panel, and throw it on the people. Achieve the target in each level to play further levels.

  • Play Camper Strike

    » Play Camper Strike

    Remake of Counter Strike, hit the targets

  • Zombie Survival - Outbreak

    » Zombie Survival - Outbreak

    Stay alive in 3 difficulty settings as you blast zombies for as long as possible. Upgrade yourself!

  • Play Chicken

    » Play Chicken

    Can you get the chicken to the other side of the road?

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