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  • Cat A Pult

    » Cat A Pult

    Ever felt like splattering cats against a gladiator wall? No? Well, give it a shot. Use your sling shot to slap cats onto a wall. This game is a very useful stress reducer..... Use your catapult to shoot at cute little cats - extreme violent!

  • Play Squeaky

    » Play Squeaky

    Collect the oil and then quickly get in the UFO.

  • Cinderella Vampire Resurrection

    » Cinderella Vampire Resurrection

    Cinderella wants to get rid of the vampire`s curse. Can you help Cinderella to get recovered from her ugly look ??? she needs your help to reclaim her charm and beautiness back. Do the best treatment you can and make Cinderella happy.

  • oppa gangnam collector

    » oppa gangnam collector

    some day big brother find a precious gem when he walk along the gangnam street.

  • Barricade

    » Barricade

    Stop the falling bombs from passing through, build barricades to help.

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  • Russian Affairs

    » Russian Affairs

    Find the high-power weapons that the Russians have before its reaches the streets!

  • Play Space Escape

    » Play Space Escape

    Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.

  • ThermoStorm

    » ThermoStorm

    A sidescroller with a small jetpack guy with a gun. Plenty of room to explore and see what`s coming.

  • Ray Part 1

    » Ray Part 1

    Go on a mission to save a girl for some money, snipe down people and do the dirty work.

  • Muay Thai

    » Muay Thai

    Beat the bad ruler!

  • Retardo and the Iron Golem

    » Retardo and the Iron Golem

    Retardo is special, but with your help he can finally get some. Use your mouse to collect mushrooms and figure out how Retardo can make it through each scene alive.

  • Hobo

    » Hobo

    Who`s a better street fighter than Mr. Hobo himself? Move, attack and use objects in this sidescrolling fighting game.

  • Freelancer

    » Freelancer

    Train to become a true FreeLancer in this Ninja side-view fighting game. Build up your abilities as you defeat your foes!

  • Di-Gata Defenders

    » Di-Gata Defenders

    Avoid all enemies while dodging obstacles.

  • Grave

    » Grave

    Shoot and kill zombies everywhere.

  • Play Thing Thing 2

    » Play Thing Thing 2

    More weapons, more levels, more enemies, more Thing-Thing!

  • Forest Warrior

    » Forest Warrior

    Dracula is up to no good of course. He has an evil plan of destroying every forest. Make your way out of the forest through lake and into his lair where you will put stop to all his madness once and for all.

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