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  • KillBill

    » KillBill

    Play the bride from the highly rated movie `Kill Bill`, use your sword to slice and dice enemies.

  • Play Magic Eggs

    » Play Magic Eggs

    Arkanoid clone with Pikachu theme

  • Hitz!

    » Hitz!

    Discover addicting game Hitz! Hitz! is an outstanding arcade game. Doesn’t matter if you enjoy playing brick buster games or not – you’ll love this arkanoid! Move the platform by moving your mouse, bounce the ball towards the obstacles and break them. Col

  • Dropsum Colours

    » Dropsum Colours

    To win a round, clear enough tiles so this red box turns green. You`ll see balloons if you do it!

  • Naruto Invaders

    » Naruto Invaders

    Try a Space Invaders version with Naruto characters.

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  • Playing Field

    » Playing Field

    Smash the people and cars on the ground using numerous weapons in this great stress reliever!

  • Ankomako

    » Ankomako

    Guide a little princess through the palace and collect the gifts avoiding the witch, before the time runs out.

  • Play Peanut

    » Play Peanut

    use the peanut as ball to play penalty shootout with the Nut brothers in a game of table nutball

  • Play Whack a Beast

    » Play Whack a Beast

    Neopets version of whack a mole classic game

  • Play Shino Beat

    » Play Shino Beat

    Slash on enemies that blocked your way to their boss

  • Play Snap Shot

    » Play Snap Shot

    This game is for testing you reactivity

  • Play Ponky

    » Play Ponky

    Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle However jumping will slow it down a little

  • Snack Dash

    » Snack Dash

    Guide Eree Dbee through school in the shortest possible time. COllect healthy food and avoid junk food.

  • School Bus Frenzy

    » School Bus Frenzy

    School is out for the summer! Try to get as many kids across the busy street and into the school bus. Use your speed boosts and explosive farts to gain momentum. Game controls: Use the mouse to direct the kids into the bus, and spacebar to use your explos

  • Play Bad Apple

    » Play Bad Apple

    Mine sweeper clone bite the BAD apple and you are doomed

  • Play Sultan

    » Play Sultan

    Catch enough bones before the time run out

  • Casse Dents

    » Casse Dents

    It`s a classic game of hardball but with a twist. You have to break all the guys teeth.

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