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  • Nightmares: The Adventures 3 - The Baron Of Vermin Famine

    » Nightmares: The Adventures 3 - The Baron Of Vermin Famine

    The third chapter of Nightmare series is here. You must help Victor face his fears for the third time in the Land of Nightmares so that his nights become restful again. Pick up objects along the way by clicking on it to automatically store in the inventor

  • Darkmelt

    » Darkmelt

    Clear the ice by running and jumping. Once enough ice is removed, capture a flag to proceed to next level!

  • Anacondas

    » Anacondas

    Go hunting for the blood orchid flowers guarded by deadly anacondas, through the jungle!

  • Jungle Escape

    » Jungle Escape

    The hero is lost in the jungle! Help him get the keys, jump through the levels to get to the top avoiding the traps and bats.

  • Night Ninja

    » Night Ninja

    You will be a Ninja to combat crime in the dark of night. You will enter enemy territory to kill every enemy forces. Move quickly and carefully to kill enemy troops. Use shuriken if you`re desperate, it can attack enemies with frightening. Attack your en

  • Whooly 2: Ranco and the Spaceship to Moonyland

    » Whooly 2: Ranco and the Spaceship to Moonyland

    Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction.

  • Pyramid Runner

    » Pyramid Runner

    Pick up all the gold of the level without getting caught by the gorilla.

  • Where Is My Passport ?

    » Where Is My Passport ?

    Lucy planned to have a vacation in Bali with her friends. Unfortunately however before leaving she cannot find her passport and airplane ticket. The plane is leaving soon. Help her to find clues and eventually find her passport and ticket.

  • The Apprentice

    » The Apprentice

    Do you have what it takes to climb the corporate ladder? Test your skills by fending off your power-hungry coworker`s as you make your way to the top!

  • Small Dragon Adventure

    » Small Dragon Adventure

    Collect food and avoid all obstacles.

  • Hannah Montana: Oliver's Treasure Hunt

    » Hannah Montana: Oliver's Treasure Hunt

    Help Oliver use his metal detector and find the treasure but beware of Rico`s plane!

  • Cubicon

    » Cubicon

    Block sliding puzzle game in which you have to connect three or more of the same cubes.

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